About Us

The Astronomy & Astrophysics Society was originally founded in the Fall of 2000. Since then we have grown into an organization which continually serves astronomy and astrophysics majors as well as all students fascinated by space. We host General Body Meetings every other Monday which update members on all club activities while always hosting unique lectures or interactive projects. We also routinely do service outreach projects at local public schools in the Gainesville area, offer tutoring for University of Florida students in introductory astronomy classes, and take trips to observatories, telescopes, planetariums, museums and more all year. Join us in our journey through the night sky with the UF community!


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Current Officers

The officers are elected by a popular majority vote at the end of every spring semester, or when a position is vacant. The next upcoming office position open for election is Treasurer, so look out for updates!.

President: Megan Newsome

Megan is a fourth-year Astrophysics major here at UF, and second-year President of the Astronomy and Astrophysics Society. She is continuing research with Las Cumbres Observatory of Santa Barbara, California, where she spent her 2017 summer simulating tidal disruption events as viewed through the upcoming Large Synoptic Survey Telescope. Her hobbies include registering voters, going to concerts, painting, and fine wines.

Vice President: John Michael Della Costa

John Michael (or JM) has a deep passion for anything and everything astronomy related. He likes to spend his time learning new things, staring at the sky (sometimes with a telescope), teaching others about the world, and occasionally making people laugh. If you need to reach him, the best chance you’ll have is through Myspace, his AIM account, or his email at jmdc112596@gmail.com.

Treasurer: Rhiannon Rauenzahn

Rhiannon is a 4th year astronomy and biology double major, and procrastinator extraordinaire. As Treasurer she is the go-to for fundraising and budgeting concerns for all AAS events and trips. Her hair is currently purple.

Historian: Scott Biemiller

Secretary: Colt Pauley

Colt is a senior in his second semester here at the University of Florida. He took over 2 years of classes at the University of South Florida in the Electrical Engineering program as well as being involved with their Astronomy associations. He is currently undertaking exoplanetary research under Dr. Ge.

Ambassador: Derek Klein

Derek is a current senior at UF pursuing a double major in physics and astronomy. As ambassador, Derek's role is to represent AAS in the larger community both on and off campus by acting as a liaison with student government, other clubs and outside organizations. He is also the president of the Society of Physics Students, where he helps guide his classmates' professional development as future researchers through workshops and skill building.


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