The software of the CIRCE control system is composed of device agents for mechanism and detector control. The device agents are software components based on UFLib classes using UFProtocol messages over TCP/IP sockets. Each device agent is a single threaded process that handles client socket connections. They execute a sequence of ancillary tasks once every second when there are no pending client requests. Normally the device agents will execute on the LCU, however they could execute on any machine that has TCP/IP access to the perle console server.

The device agents are MCE3 agent, motor control agent, LS-218 temperature monitor agent, LS-340 temperature control agent, pressure monitor agent and the frame grabber agent. The latter copies frames from the EDT PCI framegrabber into p rocess heap memory. Then the frame acquisition server (FAS) collects all the header information from the MCE3 agent and the telescope and writes FITS files into the local data archive.

Both hardware and software telescope interfaces are being investigated. From the software point of view, CIRCE is using part of the EMIR control software for the operation coordination and the operation console, including valuable feat ures like on-line data monitoring and data factory. The control software interface will be implemented through the "GTC to UFLib command translator agent", running on the CIRCE LCU. This agent will be a bi-directional command translator able to receive EM IR commands and translate them into CIRCE commands, on one direction, and able to receive CIRCE responses and translate them into EMIR responses, on the other. The command translator agent will also communicate the local data archive with EMIR Data Reduct ion Pipeline, making data factory available to CIRCE users.

CIRCE control software deployment diagram. The three architecture layers are shown: operation console (presentation layer), operation coordination (domain layer) and CIRCE Control System (equipment layer). Present ation and domain layers will be controlled with part of the EMIR Control Software, while the equipment layer is being controlled with the CIRCE Control Software. The software interface is implemented by the GTC to UFLib command translator agent, running on the CIRCE LCU.

Hardware Control
Software Control