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General Education

The General Education requirements are the University of Florida's way of assuring that students are exposed to a broad range of courses beyond the borders of their chosen major. These requirements are laid out in the Undergraduate Catalog.

A number of the astronomy courses offered by the Department count towards General Education requirements, most of them in Physical Science (P). These include:

The above courses are all for non-science majors. In addition, AST 3043 can be counted towards either Physical Science or Humanities (but not both) and also satisfies the International (N) requirement. Despite the 3000-level number it is safe for freshmen and non-science majors. Syllabi for almost all these courses are linked at the Undergraduate Courses page.

There are two other courses that can also be counted towards Physical Science:

These are introductory courses for the astronomy majors but are also taken on occasion by physics majors and engineering students among others. AST 3018 and AST 3019 have calculus and physics prerequisites. Both are 3 credits.

For descriptions of these courses and information about their prerequisites (if any) please go to the Undergraduate Catalog.

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