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FLAMINGOS-2 is a fully cryogenic, 1 to 2.5 micron multi-object spectrometer and wide field imager being built at the University of Florida's Dept. of Astronomy, by the Infrared Astrophysics Group.  It is being built under contract for Gemini Observatory.  For more information about FLAMINGOS-2 please contact Steve Eikenberry.

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Recent Events
2003 August 20-21
CDR was held in Gainesville
2004 March 16
delta-CDR for Software was held in Gainesville
2004 March/April
Dewar Vacuum Jackets are in fabrication
2004 March/April
The optical design has been test plate fitted
2004 July 08
Fourth quarterly review held in Gainesville
Team Members
Prof. Steve Eikenberry
Project Principal Investigator
Prof. Richard Elston
Project Principal Investigator
Kevin Hanna
Electrical Engineering
David Hon
Software Engineering
Jeff Julian
Mechanical Engineering
Roger Julian
Project Management
Nick Raines
Instrument Scientist

 Flamingos-2 image
University of Florida
Dept. of Astronomy
211 Bryant Space Sciences
Gainesville, FL 32611
(352)392-2052, ext. 244
(N. Raines)

Flamingos-2 work surface profile 

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S. N. Raines