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FLAMINGOS-2 Snapshots of the Camera Optical Bench.  Click on image to see a larger version; the size of the larger image is given in parentheses.

Date Description and size of large image in KB
03 March 2005
Camera Bench and Bulkhead, prior to cooldown #0 (340 KB).  The LN_2 precool lines are visible on the left, and running along the optical bench.
Camera Bench and Bulkhead
03 March 2005
Rear View of the Camera Bench and Bulkhead (338 KB).  The LN_2 precool lines are visible.  The filter mechamism box will sit through the large rectangular aperture in the optical bench.
Rear View of Camera Bench and Bulkhead
18 May 2005
Test fit of Filter wheel box, mirror mounts, Camera lens tube assembly, and detector focus stage, after initial assembly of instrument on the new cart (336 KB).
Camera Bench during test fit of mechanisms.

 Flamingos-2 image
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Flamingos-2 work surface profile 

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