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Some snapshots showing Flamingos-1 masks, the laser table, the laser frame, and a comparison with a FLAMINGOS-2 paper mask.
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28 May 2005
A view of the F-1 laser table, with the laser frame visible.  See the next image for a close up view.
Flamingos-1 laser table
28 May 2005
Close up view of the laser frame and overmask, mounted onto the laser table.  A mask has been cut out and removed, and the overmask remains bolted to the table between the laser frame pieces.
28 May 2005
From left to right:  the aluminum laser frame top, the aluminum shimstock (0.003" thick, black annodized) overmask after a mask has been cut out by the laser, and the aluminum laser frame bottom.
28 May 2005
From the top to the bottom: 
Top:  The laser frame top, positioned over the aluminum shimstock overmask after a mask has been cut out by the laser.
Bottom:  The laser frame bottom, with a F-1 aluminum shimstock mask positioned within it's aperture, after being cut out by the laser.
F1 laserframe, overmask, and mask
28 May 2005
A snapshot of a F-1 aluminum shimstock mask and ruler positioned on top of a paper drawing of a FLAMINGOS-2 mask.  The drawing shows the outer dimmensions of the mask and the positions and sizes of the mounting holes.

If our laser table had enough travel, we would fabricate a frame larger than this outline, to hold the mask material.  After laser cutting all of the slitlets (some fake slitlets are shown in the drawing), the second to last step is to use the laser to cut the 8 mounting holes (3.18 mm in diameter), and then the final step is to cut out the boundary of the mask.  It then falls out of the laser frame, leaving behind what I've called the 'overmask'.
F2 papermask, F1 mask

 Flamingos-2 image
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Flamingos-2 work surface profile 

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