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FLAMINGOS-2 Snapshots of various G-10 support rings.  Click on image to see a larger version; the size of the larger image is given in parentheses.

Date Description and size of large image in KB
08 July 2004
The Camera dewar passive radiation shield is sitting on the optical table, in the middle of the Mos Dewar Workbench G-10 support ring (the yellow stuff).  The ring has not yet been glued, but G-10 has been insterted into the two aluminum rings in order to protect them.  (71 KB)
Camera Dewar passive shield and Mos dewar G-10 ring
25 May 2004
PI Steve Eikenberry holding the aluminum ring for the Mos Dewar Workbench G-10 support. (77 KB)
PI Steve Eikenberry holding the Mos G-10 Aluminum ring
25 May 2004
A view of the aluminum rings for the the G-10 support rings.  The large ring mates to the Mos Dewar Worksurface via a ring of G-10 fiberglass, while the smaller ring mates to the Camera Dewar Bulkhead, also via a ring of G-10 fiberglass. (86 KB)
G-10 Mating Rings for Mos and Camera Workbenches

 Flamingos-2 image
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Flamingos-2 work surface profile 

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