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FLAMINGOS-2 Snapshots of a single mosframe and a mockup of a MOS wheel slot. Click on image to see a larger version; the size of the larger image is given in parentheses.

Date Description and size of large image in KB
28 April 2005
Face view of a single MOS frame prior to annodization (290 KB).
A ruler, a Flamingos-1 mosplate (black rectangle inside of frame) with length = 105 mm), and a paper cutout of a F-2 mosplate are shown for scale.  The tab in the upper left of the paper cutout is where the mos-id barcode may be located.
Mosframe with Flamingos-1 mask and paper F-2 mask
28 April 2005
Face view of a single MOS frame and the mock-up of a single slot of the MOS wheel (296 KB).  A ruler is shown for scale.  The frame slides into the slot from the left, and the tab at the right of the frame slides underneath the copper fingers in the slot.
MOS Frame and mockup of slot in MOS wheel
28 April 2005
Face view of the inner end of the MOS wheel slot mockup (262 KB), with the MOS frame installed.  The copper fingers hold the tab of the MOS frame.
Mockup slot copper fingers
01 May 2005
Oblique face view of MOS frame and MOS wheel slot mockup (267 KB).  The MOS frame also engages the pin visible at the lower side of the MOS frame.
Alternate view of MOS frame and MOS wheel slot mockup
01 May 2005
Another view of the F-2 MOS frame with a Flamingos-1 black-annodized alumninum mask (105 mm long) shown for scale (262 KB).
Alt view of F-2 MOS frame and F-1 mask
01 May 2005
Another view of the F-2 MOS frame, partially installed into the MOS wheel slot mockup (274 KB).
Alt view showing MOS frame patially installed into MOS slot mockup.
07 June 2005
A full-size F-2 Mos plate, cut from paper.  A full-size GMOS barcode is stuck to the paper mask; the sheet of barcodes to the upper left is a sheet of GS2003A program barcodes, printed onto Avery stick-on labels (from Michael Ledlow, during my visit to Gemini South over Thanksgiving, 2003).
Paper Mask with GMOS barcode
07 June 2005
A close-up view of the paper mask.  I cut out one of the barcodes from the sheet, and stuck it on the paper mask.  The upper barcode is the human-readable format interleaved 2 of 5 barcode used by GMOS; the lower barcode is of some unknown format.  The F-2 Symbol Technologies barcode reader will be programmed to read interleaved 2 of 5 barcodes.
Close up view of barcode on mask
07 June 2005
When the mask is installed in the frame, the tab carrying the barcode sticks out past the frame.  The MOS wheel will have a pocket large enough for this tab.  The barcode reader is at room temperature, and only may see the barcode region when the MOS port access cover is off, as when someone is loading MOS plates.  The 2of5i pattern clearly extends past the frame, as does the human-readable text (11021301).
Paper mask with barcode in mask frame

 Flamingos-2 image
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