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Cosimo Fedeli

Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD 2008 (U Heidelberg)


312 Bryant Space Science Center
(352) 392 2052 (250)


Areas of Specialty

Cosmology, large-scale structure formation, galaxy clusters, gravitational lensing, modified gravity.

Research Interests

My research interests focus on probes of cosmology based on the abundance, structure, and spatial distribution of galaxies and galaxy clusters. I am particularly interested in the dynamical evolution of dark energy and on the statistics of primordial density fluctuations. I also study gravity theories alternative to General Relativity.


I performed my doctoral studies at the Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics at the University of Heidelberg. After obtaining my Ph.D. in 2008, I moved to the Department of Astronomy at the University of Bologna. I was a postdoctoral researcher there for two and a half years before moving to Florida. At present I am a theory fellow at the Department of Astronomy at the University of Florida.

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