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Bo Gustafson


PhD 1981 (Lund Univ., Sweden)


224 Bryant Space Science Center
(352) 392 2052 (216)


Areas of Specialty

Physics of primitive matter in space, cosmic dust grains, meteoroids/meteorites, comets, asteroids, gravitational/non-gravitational dynamics, light scattering / electromagnetic interactions with complex bodies.

Research Interests

Physics, formation and evolution of planetary systems with emphasis on their most primitive bodies. Interaction / material exchange between solar system and interstellar matter and the planets. Using space craft data, modeling of dust and meteoroid interplanetary dynamics and atmospheric entry in combination with optical scattering and thermal radiation studies I seek ways to characterize and model primitive matter in our solar system.

I seek to develop a new generation of low cost space craft to address Earth based issues of social value such as land management in developing countries as well as addressing astronomical questions.


I have been a Co-I or science team member on several NASA and/or ESA missions including: the Giotto Halley mission, Ulysses mission above the solar poles, the Galileo , mission to Jupiter, the Cassini mission to Saturn and Space shuttle / International Space Station missions.

I developed and built the microwave analogue to light scattering scaled laboratory which probably is the leading facility of its kind.

The IAU (the International Astronomical Union) named asteroid "bogustafson" in my honor citing my role in the development of a model for primitive matter.

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