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Matthew Payne

Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD 2009 (University of Cambridge)


320 Bryant Space Science Center
(352) 392 2052 (223)


Areas of Specialty

Planet Formation, Planetary Dynamics, N-Body Simulations, Multi-Planet Systems, Transit Timing Variations.

Research Interests

Planet formation, in particular the formation of planets in binary systems. This includes both the initial planetesimal interactions as well as the later dynamics of growing planets.

Dynamics of multi-planet systems. This includes a mixed bag of topics: transit timing variations (TTVs) of extra-solar planets (ESPs), generation of eccentricity in ESP orbits as well as efforts to combine radial velocity observations with TTV constraints in the analysis if ESPs.

I have also developed an interest / obsession in the surprisingly large number of highly inclined and retrograde planetary systems. I have been applying my TTV work to this subject and am also working to investigate the potential for forming such systems during the cluster phase of evolution.


1997-2001, University of Oxford, Degree and Masters in Physics;
2001-2004, London, Non-academic employment as a business consultant;
2004-2005, University of Cambridge, CASM (~Masters) in Applied Mathematics;
2005-2009, University of Cambridge, PhD in Astronomy/Astrophysics, Title "On the Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems";
2009-Present, University of Florida, Theory PostDoc, working with Eric Ford.

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