Name:When an application hangs...


This is a very basic Linux tip that has saved me headaches. Sometimes when an application like Firefox or SOffice crashes, it doesn't necessarily go away completely. You might not be able to restart another session of that particular program until you completely kill the process. At that point:

> ps - aux | grep appname

You'll see a list of everything that has the appropriate application name (including the grep). If you see a process that has been left hanging that shouldn't be there, you can get the job number from the second column and then

>  kill -9 job#

If you are interested in seeing all the applications that you have running  you can just use ps -aux on its own.

Alternatively, If you are really adventerous and want to see what is taking up all the CPU on your computer - 

 > top

 This will also give you job numbers.

 Just hit q to quit the top process