Name:Printer basics

With all the new students arriving I thought I'd offer this review

If you want to print either a pdf or a ps file from the command line, you should be able to do so. Simply:

>lpr filename

This will print to your default printer, which will probably be "dept" or "thirdfloor". "dept" is located on the second floor in the copy room, between the conference room and the office. "thirdfloor" is located in the anteroom of 309.

If you want to use another printer

>lpr -Pprinter filename

so if you want to use the color printer (also located in the copy room)

>lpr -Pcolor filename

if you want to specify simplex on color, which has a default of duplex

>lpr -Pcolorsing filename

Finally, if you want to check the status of a job

> lpq

which will again check your default printer. If you want to check another printer, use the -P command mentioned above

Finally, if you want to kill a job, use lpq to get the job number and then

>lprm job#

Happy printing!