Name:Latex Equations in Powerpoint + Keynote
Category:MacOS X

I noticed at the Reitz Union Meeting that some who used equations or expressions often typed them directly into Powerpoint with its font or went through machinations to get the Latex version into Powerpoint. If you have a Mac, you could avoid all this annoyance by using LaTeXiT:

This program lets you typeset a latex equation directly, and literally drag it right onto your presentation slide. You can then enlarge the equation, rotate it, move it around, etc... This feature pushed me over the edge and caused me to buy my first Mac.

Some additional advice: 1) At the bottom of the LaTeXiT window, notice the "font" and "color" specifications; my opinion is that color is underutilized in equations. 2) I like to use the slash-boldsymbol{ } command for most of my entries to make the equations pop out more than they would in a paper. 3) If you use equations extensively, keep a file with all of your LaTeXiT equations so you don't have to retype them later. 4) If you can't remember a particular latex command, check the Palette--> Latex menu, which has a very helpful set of symbols which you can paste directly into the command window without having to remember the command.