Name:start program remotely
Tip:To start a program from some remote location:

(1) ssh into polaris

(2) ssh into your computer

(3) type "screen"

(4) start your program

(5) type Ctrl-"a" followed by "d" -- this detaches the screen

(6) logout of your computer and polaris

(7) go eat lunch or read a book. an hour later you come into your office and want to check on the programs status.

(8) at the linux prompt, type "screen -r" to reattach the screen

(9) rejoice because your program has finished. type "exit" to exit the screen. or, if your program hasnt finished, repeat (5) and wait a little longer (geez, youre impatient).

You can have multiple screens running simultaneously if you like to confuse yourself. try it. its fun.  you know what else is fun?  putting apostrophes where they belong.  its very fun indeed.  hehehe.