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Ye Stars! Which are the poetry of heaven
– Lord Byron (1788-1824)

To witness a total eclipse of the Sun is a privilege that comes to but few people.
Once seen, however, it is a phenomenon never to be forgotten

– Isabel M. Lewis ("A Handbook of Solar Eclipses", 1924)
On the Beach (click to enlarge)
On The Beach: Eclipse Morning
Baja California, 1991 July 11
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PROFESSOR COHEN retired from the Department of Astronomy at the University of Florida in the spring of 2003 after over 35 years of service to the University where he taught both in the Department of Physical Sciences and the Department of Astronomy. He now holds emeritus status in the Department of Astronomy.


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  • Promoting astronomy through the Alachua Astronomy Club, Inc. (AAC).

    Cohen is a founding member of the AAC and frequent speaker. He also helped the AAC plan and implement the Gainesville Solar Walk project and the astronomical lobby features in the Royal Park Stadium 16 Theater. He is a also frequent contributor the the AAC's newsletter, FirstLight. He has served as vice president, excecutive board member, program chair, newsletter editor, and web master.

  • Planning, organizing and escorting "Voyages of Discovery Tours" centered on astronomical themes, with his wife Marian, a travel specialist and independent contractor working with Continental Capers Travel Center in Gainesville, Florida.

  • Ocassional sky and other photography. Examples here.

Voyages of Discover Tours
Arizona Wonders Tour (2005) escorted by
Marian Cohen (travel specialist),
Dr. Bruce MacFadden & Dr. Howard Cohen
(Gainesville Sun Photo by Doug Finger)

See Gainesville Sun article about these unique tours (pdf document).

Tours he has helped organize and escort include trips to the Caribbean (1998), Africa (2001) and Australia (2002) to observe eclipses of the Sun, Italy/Greece (2004) to observe the transit of Venus, and an unusual hybrid solar eclipse (2005) from the South Pacific on Radisson's Ms Paul Gauguin. (Dr. Cohen has been to ten total and annular solar eclipses.) In September 2005 he helped plan lead a unique tour of Arizona to see the astronomy, archaeology and geology of the Grand Canyon State.

In 2006 he helped lead a fascinating eclipse tour to Egypt and the Nile for the March 29 total solar eclipse. And in 2009 he helped escort an exceptional and successful tour to China for the July 22 total eclipse of the Sun (longest duration of the 21st Century). An eclipse composite appears here.

See his article, "When the Sun Goes Dark," (Senior Times Magazine, May 2009, pp. 27).

Norway Northern Lights Cruise 2010

Ever see the magnificent, eerie and illusive Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)? In 2010 March he helped escort a group on one of the most beautiful cruises in the world to above the Arctic Circle along the dramatic, western Norwegian coastline on a Norway Northern Lights Cruise. See some aurora borealis photos taken by Dr. Cohen on this successful cruise.

(And it wasn't easy taking these photos from a rolling ship with frigid winds blowing!)

Australia Eclipse

Future Tour This tour, again planned with his wife, includes observing the 2012 November 14 Australia total solar eclipse. The itinerary will also allow exploring the exquisite mountains and rivers of majestic Queensland, relaxing on and off-shore island paradise by the Great Barrier Reef, experiencing renown Sydney and the majestic Blue Mountains, exploring the treasures of gorgeous and pristine Kangaroo Island with a following visit to Adelaide City.

Contact Information
  •  Mailing Address  Dr. Howard L. Cohen
8952 S.W. 92 Lane
Gainesville, FL 32608-7275 USA
  •  Telephone
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(352) 495-1811

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