To promote a sense of community among the graduate students and the Astronomy Department. In addition, to improve communication between students and faculty, as well as provide a link from the Astronomy Department to the University's Graduate Student Council.

OFFICERS 2014-15

   President: Alan Garner
   Vice President: Krittapas Chanchaiworawit
   Treasurer: Nahathai Tanakul
   Secretary: Emily Moravec
   Student-Faculty Liaisons: Tony Ordonez, Xiao Hu

   Previous Officers and Other Positions

   Click here for a list of all current graduate students.


Two of our regular activities are:

Lunch with the colloquium speaker - Every week that we have an external colloquium speaker, the graduate students have an opportunity to take the speaker out to lunch (paid for by the department). This is generally a student-only event and a great chance to talk to faculty and researchers from other institutions in an informal setting.

Annual Department Picnic - A great way to bring the whole department together for an informal day of fun and eating at Lake Wauburg.

See the activities page for more!