University of Florida


CIRCE is a near-infrared astronomical imager, polarimeter, and spectrograph for the 10.4-meter Gran Telescopio Canarias.

The excellent image quality, fine-pixel sampling, narrow-band filter capacity, low-resolution grisms (coming soon!), continuous photometry, and unique double-Wollaston prism polarimetry capabilities of CIRCE make it a uniquely powerful instrument for the GTC, both on its own and as a complement to the upcoming EMIR facility instrument.

This visitor-class instrument was largely designed, built, and tested by graduate students and postdoctoral fellows at the University of Florida, with invaluable effort, support, and advice from the UF Astronomy Department instrumentation staff, ander the supervision of Prof. Stephen Eikenberry. CIRCE development was primarily funded by the University of Florida and the National Science Foundation.