The GOYA team acknowledges funding from the following institutions: (i) the Ministerio Español de Educación y Ciencia, Plan Nacional de Astronomía y Astrofísica (AYA2001-1656, AYA2003-01186, AYA2006-12955, CSD2006-00070, and programa Consolider-Ingenio 2010); (ii) la Comunidad de Madrid (ASTRID); (iii) the European Marie Courie Research Training Program (MRTN-CT-2004-503929); (iv) the French Centre National de la Reserche Scientifique, specially the Programme National de Cosmologie and the Programme National de Galaxies; and (v) NASA grants HST-GO-08678.04-A and LTSA NAG5-11635.
galaxy origins and young assembly
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