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The GOYA Project has five main goals:
1- Characterize the star-forming galaxies at the
epoch of maximum SFR activity (1<z<5.5)
   - SFR tracers: Hα, [OII]
   - Metallicity: [OIII+OII]/Hβ, [NII]/Hα
   - Extinction: Hα/Hβ
   - Kinematics & Virial Mass: velocity widths
2- Characterize the E/S0 population at the
epoch of formation of the red sequence (1<z<2):
    - Ages/metallicities: 4000-break, Hβ, Mg2, Fe
    - Kinematics & Virial Masses: σ
    - Scaling Laws:
        empirical relations between structural,
        kinematics, stellar population parameters
3- Parametrize the growth of SMBH in AGN
at the epoch of maximum QSO activity (1<z<4):
   - SMBH mass: Hα and Hβ velocity widths
4- Discover and study primeval galaxies at z>8:
   - Detection of Lyα and HeII 1640 in the NIR
5- Constrain cosmological parameters:
   - ΩM and ΩΛ: L(Hβ)-sigma distance indicator
   - Fine structure constant: [OIII]5007 & [OIII]4959
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