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What: 3rd UAS meeting of the Fall 2003 semester

When: Tuesday 9/30/03, 5:00pm - 6:00pm

Where: BRT room 7 (in the basement)

Talk: Jessica LaVine, a second year graduate student is going to talk a little about graduate student life and then tell us about her research: Wolfe-Rayet Stars in the Open Cluster Containing LBV-1806-20. Here's her Abstract: We report the discovery of two previously undetected Wolf-RAayet Stars in the open cluster containing LBV1806-20 and SGR 1806-20. We present the near-infrared photometry and K-band spectroscopy of the three Wolf-Rayet stars present in the cluster and by comparing our equivalent width measurements to Figer et al. (1997) have classified the Wolfe-Rayet to be two WC9 (one of which was previously identified in Eikenberry et al. 2003) and one WN4 with a possible O8/9 companion. The WC9s can be used to confirm the previously derived distance (of Eikenberry et al. 2003) to the cluster to be 15.1 kpc. We will use this information to draw some conclusions from the current Wolf-Rayet population about the Cluster and its environment.  

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