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All meetings for Fall 2004 will be held every other Tuesday, at 5:00pm, in the Bryant Space Science Building, downstairs in room 3.

Next Meetings

8/31/04 - We're having an introduction to the Undergraduate Astrophysics Society. Come join us!

9/14/04 - This meeting will feature undergraduate students who have completed a research project or are in the process of researching a topic. Anyone who is working on a project and is interested in giving a talk, please contact Linda Watson.

Past Meetings

3/16/04 - Dr. Anthony Gonzalez, a post doc in the department is going to give a talk.

3/25/04 - We're going to have a joint meeting with SPS, where Dr. Fry from the Theoretical Astrophysics Group in the physics department is going to speak. This will be held in NPB 1101 instead of the usual BRT 7.

3/30/04 - Dr. Cohen will be speaking at this meeting.

4/13/04 - We're going to have a grad student forum where you can bring any questions about grad school for those wiser than us to answer.

2/24/04 - Dr. Ata Sarajedini is going to give a talk.

2/10/04 - Dr. Hamann is going to tell us about his research. Click here to see an abstract of the talk. We're going to meet at 4:30pm to talk about T-shirts and other stuff. The actual talk will start at 5pm though.

1/27/04 - Brian Cherinka is going to speak about his research experience this past summer.

1/13/04 - Joe Haldeman is going to speak on "Building a Planet for a Science Fiction Story."

11/25/03 - Dr. Oliver is going to talk about the Titan Occultation.

10/28/03 - Dr. Hamann, chair of the graduate admission committee for astronomy is going to speak about the preparation necessary for graduate school.

10/16/03 - Dr. Oliver is going to tell us about remote observing at RHO.

9/30/03 - Jessica LaVine, a graduate student in the astronomy department, will give a talk about life as a graduate student and also give an explanation of the research she is doing.

9/16/03 - Dr. Reyes will give a talk about the Mars Opposition.

9/2/03 - Introduction to the UAS