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Click Here For My Complete Resume Name: Noah Rashkind

Membership: Vice President (Spring 2002-Present) & Webmaster (Fall 2002-Present)

Year/Major: 5th Year Senior Astronomy/Political Science Major

Contact: (352)213-2839

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests: Stellar Formation -- I am currently a Spectroscopy Star Formation Survey Team Member and working on the The FLoridA Multi-object Imaging Near-IR Grism Observational Spectrometer (FLAMINGOS) project, under the supervision of Drs. Elizabeth Lada and Richard Elston.

I am also quite interested in the process by which scientific programs receive government funding. This semester, under the supervision of Dr. Elston and the University Scholars Program, I am examining how the FLAMINGOS project became a reality through National Science Foundation funding.

Education: University of Florida (1998-2002), Miami Palmetto Senior High (1995-1998)

Degrees: Graduation with dual degrees approved for Fall 2002 (Bachelor of Science in Astronomy, minor in Physics and Bachelor of Arts in Political Science), High School Diploma, Miami Palmetto Senior High (1998)

Astronomy/Physics Classes Taken: PHY2048, PHY2049, PHY2048L, PHY2049L, PHY3221, PHY3323, PHY4324, AST1002, AST1022L, AST3018, AST3019, AST3043, AST4211, AST4300, AST4402, AST4722C, AST4723C, AST4905

Computer Skills: Windows 98, UNIX

Other Organizational Memberships: Society of Physics Students, Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honor Society, Pi Mu Epsilon Mathematics Honor Society, American Astronomy Society, Astronomical League, Charter Member-at-Large

Personal Information

Age: 23

Hometown: Miami, FL

Hobbies: Climbing, Camping, Skiing, Snowboarding and Star Gazing with my Meade ETX-90 and brand new Meade 10" LX200GPS w/UHTC

Why Astronomy? As a freshman, I chose to take AST1002 with Dr. Cohen as a way to fulfill my General Education requirement. As a Political Science major, my knowledge of the sciences was very limited, but this class opened my eyes to a whole universe of ideas. Every semester after that, I packed my schedule with Astronomy and Astronomy related courses in order to quench my thirst for Astronomy and Astrophysics. After a while, I found that it would be very easy to obtain an Astronomy minor, and not all that difficult to pursue it as a second degree. Four years later, I am on the verge of graduating with both a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Bachelor of Science in Astronomy, minor in Physics. I am still deciding whether to pursue law school or graduate school. So why astronomy? Why all the hard work? Political Science fascinates me; Astrophysics challenges me. Together, they stretch my intellectual limits, helping me to better understand my world, my universe, space-time, and the people with whom I share it all.