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Welcome to the University of Florida's Astronomy & Astrophysics Society. We welcome all with passions for the night sky and its wonders! Join us for astronomy talks, shows, trips, public outreach and other events throughout the year. Check out the activities page and our Facebook page for upcoming events.

General Body Meeting: Undegrad Research

The 2nd meeting of the spring semester is upon us on Monday, January 29, and we want to make sure that all of our members feel equipped to take on a unique area of undergrad expectations - research! We will have a talk by Megan Newsome on the many different opportunities that are available but largely unknown to undergrads throughout their careers. Then, Colt Pauley and Francisco Trujillo will present on their research on instrumentation with Jian Ge, to shine light on what type of research undergraduates often get involved with and how they can manage doing so as full-time students. See you at Bryant Hall room 217 at 7pm. RSVP to the event on Facebook!

Upcoming event: Trivia Night at Blackadder Brewery

Start studying, because we're testing you soon - AAS is having our first trivia night of the year at Blackadder Brewery on Thursday, January 25, 2018 at 5pm. This is a fun-filled fundraiser that will help provide refreshments at club meetings and transportation to Rosemary Hill Observatory and Kennedy Space Center, so bring some friends to support AAS! Check out more details on the Facebook event.

Special Thanks

The Astronomy & Astrophysics Society was originally founded in the Fall of 2000. Thank you to all of those who came before us to create this wonderful society, and thanks to those who have helped keep the AAS going! Good luck to everyone on whatever path you are following after graduating from the University of Florida!

Get in touch

We are open to all your questions, whether they be about events and meetups or just curiosities about space. You can also reach us at our Facebook page!

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