Undergraduate Courses

The Department of Astronomy offers over fifteen courses on various aspects of astronomy. The 1000-2000 level courses are aimed towards students interested in learning a general view of astronomy as a whole but not necessarily interested in majoring in it. These courses can be taken to fulfill some of the General Education requirements by the College of Liberal Arts.

The 3000-4000 level courses are aimed towards students majoring and minoring in astronomy, as well as other physical sciences such as physics, geology, mathematics, or engineering. Each upper-level course focuses on a specific field within astronomy and astrophysics. All of these have prerequisites; see the course descriptions in the Undergraduate Catalog for more information. Non-astronomy students interested in taking these upper level courses should talk to the astronomy undergraduate advisor for approval.

  • AST 1002 – Discovering the Universe (P)
  • AST 1002 (WEB) –
  • AST 1002L – Astronomy Laboratory (P)
  • AST 2003 – Introduction to the Solar System (Last taught: Spring 2013)
  • AST 2037 – Life in the Universe (P)
  • AST 2039 – Exploration of the Universe (Last taught: Spring 2009)
  • AST 3043 – History of Astronomy up to Newton (P or H, and N)
  • AST 3018 – Astronomy and Astrophysics 1 (Fall only; P)
  • AST 3019 – Astronomy and Astrophysics 2 (Spring only; P)
  • AST 3722C – Observational Techiniques in Astronomy 1 (Spring only)
  • AST 4723C – Observational Techiniques in Astronomy 2
  • AST 4211 – Essentials of Astrophysics
  • AST 4300 – Galactic Astronomy
  • AST 4402 – Galaxies and Cosmology
  • AST 4911 – Undergraduate Research in Astronomy (individual)
  • AST 4930 – Special Topics in Astronomy
    • Exoplanets
    • Star and Planet Formation
    • Solar System Astronomy

The majority of the 4000 level courses are offered on a two-year cycle. For instance, AST 4211 was planned for Fall 2015, AST 4211 in Spring 2016, and AST 4930 (Exoplanets) and AST 4723C in Fall 2016. These plans are subject to change if necessary due to staffing.