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Fall 2019

Undergraduate Courses

Course NumberCourse NameSyllabi
AST 1002Discover The UniverseSection 007F

Section 1A20

Section 1A40

Section 1F98
AST 1022LAstronomy Laboratory
AST 2003Introduction to the Solar SystemAST 2003 Syllabus
AST 2037Life in the UniverseAST 2037 Syllabus
AST 3018Astronomy/Astrophysics-IAST 3018 Syllabus
AST 3019Astronomy/Astrophysics-IIAST 3019 Syllabus
AST 3043History of Astronomy through NewtonAST 3043 Syllabus
AST 4402Galaxies and Cosmology
AST 4930Computational AstrophysicsAST 4930 Syllabus

Graduate Courses

Course Number Course NameSyllabus
AST 6309Galactic & Extragalactic AstronomyAST 6309 Syllabus
AST 7939Computational AstrophysicsAST 7939 Syllabus
AST 7939Physical CosmologyAST 7939 Syllabus