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Ph.D. Astronomy Recipients

PH.D. RecipientsDateDissertation TitleChair
Brown, G. Wayne8/1/1970Long Baseline Interferometry of Jupiter's Decametric RadiationT.D. Carr
Donivan, Frank, Jr.8/1/1970Radio Investigations of Clusters of Galaxies T.D. Carr
Lipofsky, Barton J.8/1/1970Single Scattering of Light by Ply-Dispersed AerosolsA.E. Green
Folsom, George H. III12/1/1970Optical Variations of Quasars and Related GalaxiesA.G. Smith
Olsson, Carl Niels12/1/1970Analytical Studies of Selected Jovian Decametric PhenomenaA.G. Smith
Leacock, Robert J.8/1/1971An Extended Analysis of Certain Features of Jupiter's Decametric EmissionA.G. Smith
Lynch, Michael A.6/1/1972Observations of Jupiter's Decametric Radiation with a Very-Long-Baseline Interferometer T.D. Carr
Rudnick, Ian Stuart6/1/1972Majoris SystemsF.B. Wood
Williamon, Richard M.6/1/1972Photoelectric Study of EE Aquari and AE PhoenicisK-Y Chen
Hackney, Richard Lynn8/1/1972Optical Behavior of Peculiar Extragalactic Radio SourcesA.G. Smith
Morgan, Thomas H.12/1/1972Fluid Dynamics of Circumstellar Material Associated with Be StarsFluid Dynamics of Circumstellar Material Associated with Be StarsA.G. Smith
Hackney, Karen R.H.3/1/1973Three Color Photographic Photometry of Active Quasi-Stellar Radio SourcesA.G. Smith
Bloomer, Raymond H., Jr.6/1/1973Photoelectric Investigations of AA Ceti and UZ PuppisK-Y Chen
Capone, Louis Anthony8/1/1973Some Studies of the Jovian Upper AtmospherePrasad
Martins, Donald Henry3/1/1974UBVRI Photometry of Variable Red Dwarf Emission ObjectsF.B. Wood
Endal, Andrew Samson8/1/1974The Advanced Evolution of a 15 Solar Mass StarK-Y Chen
Harvel, Christopher Alvin8/1/1974Radioactive Transfer in Circumstellar DustF.B. Wood
Mullen, Elisabeth F.8/1/1974The Formation of a Contact Binary Star SystemK-Y Chen
Scott, Roger Leonard3/1/1975Photographic Studies of Quasi Stellar Objects and Other Active Radio SourcesA.G. Smith
Seacord, Andrew Wilkin III8/1/1975Radio Spectral Line Studies of the Interstellar Medium in the Galactic PlaneS.T. Gottesman
Fallon, Frederick Walter8/1/1975Stellar Motions in the Orion Nebula Cluster H.K. Eichhorn
Flesch, Terry Ralph12/1/1975Flare Related Color Effects in UV Ceti Stars F.B. Wood
Krauche, Dolores Smoleny12/1/1975High Resolution Spectral Analysis of the Jovian Decametric Radiation G.R. Lebo
Desch, Michael Danie8/1/1976Groundbased and Spacecraft Studies of Jupiter at Decameter and Hectometer Wavelengths T.D. Carr
Pomphrey, Richard B.3/1/1977Search for Correlated Radio and Optical Events in Long-term Studies of Extragalactic SourcesA.G. Smith
Fleck, Robert C.8/1/1977Magnetic Braking During Star FormationJ.H. Hunter
Maloney, Frank P.8/1/1977Lunar Occultation Observations of the Crab Nebula S.T. Gottesman
Markworth, Normal L.8/1/1977Observations and Analysis of U CepheiF.B. Wood
Rafert, J. Bruce3/1/1978Mass and Momentum Exchange in Close Binary SystemsR.E. Wilson
Jackman, Charles H.8/1/1978Spatial and Energetic Aspects of Electron Energy DepositionA.E. Green
Killian, David J.8/1/1978Tidal Interactions Between M81, M82, and NGC 3077 S.T. Gottesman
Ludington, Elwyn Whit12/1/1978A Photometric Study of RS Canum Venaticorum Including Critical Analysis of the Distortation Wave and Period Variation J.P. Oliver
West, John Kenneth6/1/1979Evolution of Pre-Main-Sequence Binary Star Systems K-Y Chen
Parise, Ronald Anthony8/1/1979A Detailed Investigation of the MGII K Line in Beta PerseiK-Y Chen
Gordon, David12/1/1979A Neutral Hydrogen Survey of Blue Compact Galaxies S.T. Gottesman
Twigg, Lawrence William12/1/1979An Investigation of the Rossiter Effect in Algol-Type Eclipsing Binary Systems R.E. Wilson
Florkowski, David R.6/1/1980Near Infrared and Radio Observations of Selected Close Binary StarsK-Y Chen
Johnson, William Douglas8/1/1980A Study of the Interstellar Medium of NGC 185 and Other Early-Type GalaxiesS.T. Gottesman
Edwards, Patricia Louise3/1/1981Optical Brightness Variations in a Sample of Nineteen Radio-quiet Quasi-stellar Objects A.G. Smith
Caton, Daniel Bruce8/1/1981An Analysis of Light Variations of RS Canum Venaticorum Binary Systems J.P. Oliver
Pollock, Joseph T.5/1/1982The Morphology and Energetics of Discreet Optical Events in Compact Extragalactic SourcesA.G. Smith
Pica, Andrew J.8//1982Optical and Radio Properties of QSOs as a Function of Absolute Luminosity A.G. Smith
Hoffman, Sara Witherow 12/1/1983Variations of the H and K Calcium in the Eclipsing Binary Star System Lacertae J.P. Oliver
Ball, John Roger8/1/1984Gas Dynamics of the Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 3359 S.T. Gottesman/J.H. Hunter
Kang, Young Woon5/1/1985Starspot Cycles of RS Canum Venaticorium Type StarsF.B. Wood
Wang, Wan-Xian5/1/1985An Observationally Compatible Model for Jupiter's Io-Related Decametric EmissionT.D. Carr
Schneider, Glenn8/1/1985The Observations and Analysis of Lunar Occultations of Star with an Emphasis on Improvements of Data Acquisition Instrumentation and Reduction TechniquesJ.P. Oliver
St. Cyr., Orville Chris12/1/1985Jupiter's Decameter and Kilometer Emission: Satellite Effects and Long Term Periodicities T.D. Carr
Rusk, Edwin Thomas4/1/1986Dynamics of Interplanetary Dust in the F Corona N. Misconi
England, Martin N.12/1/1986Kinematics and Dynamics of Barred Spiral Galaxies S.T. Gottesman
Cole, Carl12/1/1986Rigorous Compilation of the Northern International Reference Stars H.K. Eichhorn
Erickson, Lance Karl8/1/1987Mass Determination of Selected Galaxies from Small Group StatisticsS.T. Gottesman
Bitran, Mauricio12/1/1987CO in the Galactic Center: A Complete Survey of CO Emission in the Inner 4 Kpc of the GalaxyS.T. Gottesman
Xu, Yu-Lin4/1/1988An Improved Algorith for the Determination of the System Parameters of Visual Binary by Least SquaresH.K. Eichhorn
Webb, James R.8/1/1988Analysis of Nearly Simultaneous X-Ray and Optical Observations of Active Galactic Nuclei A.G. Smith
Taylor, Mary Jane12/1/1988Analysis of Gamma 2 Velorum Photometry from the South Pole J.P. Oliver
Reyes, Francisco8/1/1988Observations of Pulsars at Low Radio FrequenciesT.D. Carr
Fitzgibbons, Gregory 8/1/1990Visual, Red and Infrared Photographic Surface Photometry of NGC 55 and NGC 253 S.T. Gottesman
Owens, William12/1/1990A Theory of the Earth's Precession Relative to the Invariable Plane of the Solar SystemH.K. Eichhorn
Mahon, Mary Elaine5/1/1992 Prograde Anomalous Orbits in Triaxial Gravitational Potentials That Rotate about the Long Axis: VLA Neutral Hydrogen Observations and Modeling of the Inclined Rings Around the Galaxies NGC 2685 and NGC 660.S.T. Gottesman
Moore, Elizabeth Mary 5/1/1992 Numerical Modeling of Barred Spiral GalaxiesJ.H. Hunter
Clements, Sandra Denise 8/1/1992 Correlation Analysis on Optical and Radio Light Curves for a Large Sample of Active Galactic NucleiA.G. Smith
Kaufmann, David Eugene 8/1/1993Self-Consistent Models of Barred Spiral GalaxiesJ.H. Hunter
Mukherjee, Jaydeep12/1/1993 Rotation Rates of Algol-Type Binaries from Absorption Line Profiles R.E. Wilson
Smart, Richard 12/1/1993 Proper Motions of Stars in the Region of the Orion Association H.K. Eichhorn
Liou, Jer-Chyi 12/1/1993 Dynamical Evolution of Asteroidal and Cometary Particles and their Contribution to the Zodiacal Cloud S.F. Dermott
Durda, Daniel D. 12/1/1993 The Collisional Evolution of the Asteriod Belt and its Contribution to the Zodiacal Cloud S.F. Dermott
Cooke, William J. Jr. 12/1/1993 A Distance to the Hyades Using a Least Squares with Probabilistic ConstraintsH.K. Eichhorn
Terrell, Dirk Curtis 8/1/1994 Circumstellar Hydrodynamics and Spectral Radiation in Algols R.E. Wilson
Wang, Li-Yun 8/1/1994 Investigation of Hectometric and Kilometer Radio Emissions From Jupiter and NeptuneT.D. Carr
Jayarman, Sumita 5/1/1995 Resonances Structure of the Zodiacal CloudS.F. Dermott
Morrison, Jane Ellen 8/1/1995 Rereducing the Southern Polar Zone Yale Photographic Star Catalog H.K. Eichhorn
Drimmel, Ronald Eugene8/1/1995 Numerical Simulation of Viscous Accretion Disks J.H. Hunter
Osip, David 8/1/1995 A Comparative Analysis and Taxonomy of Comets H. Campins
Nair, Damo 8/1/1995 CCD Observing and Dynamical Time Series Analysis of Active Galactic Nuclei A.G. Smith
Simpson, Caroline8/1/1995 Properties and Observations of Dwarf Irregular Galaxies S T. Gottesman
Adolfsson, Lars5/1/1996 Meteoroid Stream Sources from Dynamic and Probabilistic Trajectory Analysis B.ÅS. Gustafson
Higgins, Charles 5/1/1996 A New Determination of Jupiter's Radio Rotation Period G.R. Lebo
Garcia, Leonard Norman12/1/1996 Long-Term Periodicities in the Jovian Decametric Emission T.D. Carr
Kortenkamp, Stephen John 12/1/1996Accretion of Interplanetary Dust Particles by the Earth S.F. Dermott
Laine, Seppo 12/1/1996Observations and Modeling of the Gas Dynamics of the Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 7479 S.T. Gottesman
Grogan, Keith12/1/1997 The Effects of Dust Particles Size and Composition on Zodiacal Cloud Models S.F. Dermott
Spahr, Timothy 5/1/1998 Debiasing the Main Belt Asteroid Population S.F. Dermott
Siopis, Christos 5/1/1999 Nonuniqueness and Structural Stability of Self-Consistent Models of Elliptical Galaxies H.E. Kandrup
Wyatt, Mark C. 12/1/1999 Signatures of Planets in the Observable Structure of Circumstellar Debris DisksS.F. Dermott
Debuizer, James 8/1/2000 A Mid-Infrared Imaging Survey of Star Forming Regions Containing Water and Methanol Maser EmissionR.K. Piña
Jones, Lauren 8/1/2000 An Investigation of the Source of the Far Infrared Radiation in Spiral Galaxies Using Near Infrared Hydrogen Recombination Lines as a Probe of Star FormationR.J. Elston
Lederer, Susan 12/1/2000 The Chemical and Physical Properties of the OH, CN and C2 Jets in Comet Hale-Bopp (1995 01) H. Campins
Polomski, Elisha12/1/2000 The Origin of the Infrared Excess of Herbig StarsC.M. Telesco
Haisch, Karl 12/1/2000 An Investigation of Circumstellar Disk Properties in Cluster EnvironmentsE.A. Lada
Thomas-Osip, Joanna 5/1/2019 Modeling The Aerosols In The Atmosphere of Titan B.ÅS. Gustafson
Vaccaro, Todd 5/1/2019 H Alpha Fluorescence in UV Active Binaries R.E. Wilson
Valemarsson, K.W. Tomas 12/1/2019 Electromagnetic Scattering by Flakes of Arbitrary Refractive Index: Theory, Experiment and Application B.ÅS. Gustafson
Holmes, Elizabeth5/2/2019Signatures of Planets: Observations and Modeling of Structure in the Zodiacal Cloud and Kuiper DiskS.F. Dermott

Masters Astronomy Recipients

M.S. RecipientsDate Thesis TitleChair
Brubaker, J. Harold 8/1/1968 Photoelectric Observations of Standard Stars in the UBV SystemK-Y Chen
Shipman, George R. 12/1/1968 Self Absorption in Plasmas K-Y Chen
Saibejra, Nibondh 8/1/1969 The Main Sequence Eclipsing Binaries and the Restricted Problem of Three Bodies K-Y Chen
Laforce, Craig Fred 12/1/1970 The Cluster of Galaxies Abell 2256 G.C. Omer
Rudnick, Ian Stuart 6/1/1972 Non-thesis Degree (MST)
Carr, James T3/1/1973An Analysis of the Distribution of the Jovian S-burstsC.N. Olsson
Mitchell, Jimmy L8/1/1974 The Rotation Period of the Jovian MagnetosphereT.D. Carr
Pomphrey, Richard B. 8/1/1975 Critical Analysis of Radio and Optical Observation of Extragalactic Objects A.G. Smith
Parise, Ronald A. 8/1/1977A Microprocessor Controlled Astronomical SpectrophotometerJ.P. Oliver
Walsh, Kevin L. 6/1/1978
Guida, Patricia A.3/1/1979 A Study of Strongly Perturbed Orbits in Restricted Problem of 3 BodiesC. Williams
Villegas, Alberto 8/1/1979Tropical Observatory, Remote Site Survey Using Satellite DataJ.P. Oliver
Fox, Reginald Kent3/1/1980 Apsidal Motion in Cyg X-1 R.E. Wilson
Reyes, Francisco 12/1/1980 Observation of Pulsars and Other Sources at Low Radio FrequenciesT.D. Carr
Fitzgibbons, Gregory 8/1/1981 A Spot Sensitometer for Astronomical UseA.G. Smith
Wang, Wan-Xian12/1/1982Non-thesis
Cole, Carl8/1/1983Non-thesis
Bitran, Mauricio E.4/1/1984 Non-thesis
Weisenberger, Andrew G. 5/1/1985 Lunar Occultation Observation of the Crab Nebula at Meter Wavelengths S.T. Gottesman
Webb, James R. 5/1/1985 Reduction and Interpretation of X-Ray and Optical Data of QuasarsA.G. Smith
Gombola, Paul P. 12/1/1985The Design and Construction of a Log-Spiral Array for Jupiter Decametric StudiesG.R. Lebo
Phillips, James Anthony 8/1/1986 Low Frequency Interferometry of Jovian Radio BurstsT.D. Carr
Esper, Jaime5/1/1987Thermal Design and Modeling of the South Pole Optical TelescopeJ.P. Oliver
Roth, Leonard Travis8/1/1987 A Search for Uranian Radiation at Decametric Wavelengths G.R. Lebo
Shepherd, David W. 12/1/1987Statistical Studies of Photographic Data for Optically Violent VariablesA.G. Smith
Xu, Yu-Lin1/1/1988Non-thesis
Wang, Li-Yun1/1/1988Non-thesis
Moore, Elizabeth1/1/1988Non-thesis
Mukherjee, Jaydeep1/1/1988Non-thesis
Propst, Caroline8/1/1988Astrographic Plate Reduction Using an Improved Weighted Least Squares AnalysisH.K. Eichhorn
Owen, William Mann Jr.12/1/1988Non-thesis
Byrne, Robin1/1/1989 Non-thesis
Kaufmann, David1/1/1989Non-thesisJ.H. Hunter
Clements, Sandra8/1/1989Non-thesisA.G. Smith
Durda, Dan D.12/1/1989Non-thesisS.F. Dermott
Mahon, Mary E.12/1/1989Non-thesisS.T. Gottesman
Mu, Tao-Mo12/1/1989Non-thesis
Terrell, Dirk Curtis12/1/1989Non-thesisR.E. Wilson
Thanz, Adam J.8/1/1990Investigating the Noise Performance of a Texas Instrument Three-Phase Charge-Coupled DeviceJ.P. Oliver
Drimmel, Ronald Eugene8/1/1990Non-thesisJ.H. Hunter
Montague, Nancy12/1/1990Non-thesisR.J. Leacock
Smart, Richard12/1/1990Non-thesisH.K. Eichhorn
Burke, Luke F.8/1/1991Non-thesis
Liou, J. C.8/1/1991Non-thesisS.F. Dermott
Jayaraman, Sumita12/1/1991 Non-thesisS.F. Dermott
Simpson, Caroline12/1/1991 Non-thesisS.T. Gottesman
Morrison, Jane Ellen12/1/1991 Non-thesisH.K. Eichhorn
Jang, Min-Hwan12/1/1991 Non-thesisA.G. Smith
Garcia, Leonard5/1/1993Non-thesisT.D. Carr
Higgins, Chuck5/1/1993Non-thesisG.R. Lebo
Siopis, Christos8/1/1994 Non-thesisH.E. Kandrup
Osip, David12/1/1994Non-thesisH. Campins
Kortenkamp, Steven12/1/1994Non-thesis S.F. Dermott
Richmond, Timothy E.12/1/1994Non-thesisS.T. Gottesman
Trout, Anthony 5/1/1995Non-thesisH. Campins
Spahr, Timothy5/1/1995Non-thesisS.F. Dermott
Bradley, Brendan5/1/1995Non-thesis
Thomas, Joanna5/1/1995Non-thesisB.Å.S. Gustafson
Grogan, Keith8/1/1995Non-thesisS.F. Dermott
Becker, Kirk8/1/1995Non-thesis
Pogorelov, Ilya8/1/1995Non-thesisH.E. Kandrup
Mccoullough, Daniel5/1/1996Non-thesisH.K. Eichhorn
Jenkins, Barbara Lynn5/1/1997Non-thesisH.E. Kandrup
Hueckstaedt, Robert M.5/1/1997Non-thesisJ. H. Hunter
Jones, Lauren V. 5/1/1997Non-thesisC.M. Telesco
Muench, August A. 5/1/1997Non-thesisE.A. Lada
Polomski, Elisha 8/1/1997Non-thesisC.M. Telesco
Drury, John C. 8/1/1997Non-thesisH.E. Kandrup
DeBuizer, James8/1/1997 Non-thesisC.M. Telesco
Holmes, Elizabeth K.8/1/1997Non-thesisS.F. Dermott
Underwood, Brian K.12/1/1997 Non-thesis (Terminal Masters)R.J. Leacock
Boonyasait, Veera5/1/1998Non-thesisS. T. Gottesman
Sideris, Ioannis12/1/1998 Non-thesisH.E. Kandrup
Levine, Joanna L.5/1/1999Non-thesisE.A. Lada
Moth, Pimol8/1/1999 Non-thesisR.J. Elston
Dahari, David B.5/1/2000Non-thesisE.A. Lada
Fogle, Debra A.5/1/2000Non-thesisS. F. Dermott
McFarland, Kelly L.5/1/2000Non-thesisF.W. Hamann
Parks, James R.5/1/2000Non-thesisS. T. Gottesman
Ratay, Douglas L.5/1/2000Non-thesisS. T. Gottesman
Valdemarsson, K.W. Thomas5/1/2000Non-thesisB.Å.S. Gustafson
Roman, Carlos G.12/1/2000 Non-thesisE.A. Lada
Anderson, William5/1/2019Non-thesis (terminal)S.F. Dermott
Ellington, Chad5/1/2019Non-thesis (terminal)S.T. Gottesman
Garland, Catherine5/1/2019Non-thesisJ.P. Williams
Morris, Patricia5/1/2019Non-thesis (terminal)R.J. Elston
Ousley, Derrick5/1/2019Non-thesisR.K. Piña
McKenzie, Eric12/1/2019Non-thesisR. Elston

Graduate Program Alumni and Current Position

NameDissertationAdvisorCurrent Position
Pitts, Rebecca L (2019)On Dust, Carbon Monoxide, and Molecular Hydrogen in the Census of High and Medium-Mass ProtostarsPeter BarnesPostdoc at the Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen
Grieves, Nolan (2019)Characterizing Fundamental Properties of Stars and Investigating their Brown Dwarf and Planet CompanionsJian GePostdoc at the University of Geneva
Dallilar, Yigit (2019)Infrared Instrumentation and Jet Formation in Black Hole BinariesStephen EikenberryPostdoc at the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics (MPE)
Garner, Allen
Summer 2018
Probing The Galactic Center With CIRCEStephen EikenberryPostdoc, MIT
Zhang, Han
Summer 2018
Mid_Infrared Polarimetry: Insights Into Magnetic Fields And Dust Grain Properties In Young Stellar Objects And Protoplanetary DisksCharles Telesco
Chanchaiworawit, Krittapas
Summer 2018
Discovery Of The Highest Redshift Protocluster: Lyman Alpha Emitters At z=6.5Rafael GuzmanPostdoc, University of Florida
Chen, Chen
Summer 2018
Frederick Hamann
Mo, Wenli
Summer 2018
Active Galactic Nuclei In Massive And Distant Galaxy ClustersAnthony GonzalezData Scientist, Whisker Labs
Sithajan, Sirinrat
Spring 2018
Jian GeAstronomer, National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand
Suwnnajak, Chutipong
Spring 2018
Stellar Populations In The Dynamically-Active M81 Group Of GalaxiesAta SarajediniAstronomer, National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand
Hu, Xiao
Summer 2017
Inside-Out Planet Formation: Pebble Delivery And Planet-Disk Co-EvolutionJonathan Tan
Herbst, Hannah
Summer 2017
Dust-Reddened Quasars And Quasar OutflowsFrederick Hamann
Stelter, Deno
Summer 2017
Science-Driven Instrumentation: Image-Slicing Integral Field Spectroscopy, Or, Measuring The Universe One Slice At A Time Stephen EikenberryPostdoc, UC Santa Cruz
DeMaio, Tahlia
Summer 2017
Intracluster Light In Galaxy Groups And ClustersAnthony GonzalezData Scientist, Second Measure
Romita, Krista
Summer 2017
Embedded Clusters In The Large Magellanic CloudElizabeth LadaAssociate Physical Scientist, RAND Corporation
Lim, Wang Gi
Summer 2017
Jonathan Tan
Ma, Jingzhe
Summer 2017
The Formation and Evolution of High-redshift Dusty GalaxiesAnthony Gonzalez,
Jian Ge
Postdoc, UC Irvine
Ordonez, Antonio
Spring 2017
Pulsating Variable Stars In Local Group Dwarf GalaxiesAta Sarajedini
Tanakul, Nahathai
Spring 2017
RR Lyrae Variable Stars In M31-M33 Super-HaloAta SarajediniAstronomer, National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand
Wagner-Kaiser, Rachel
Fall 2016
Bayesian Analysis And Characterization Of Multiple Populations In Galactic Globular ClustersAta SarajediniData Scientist, KPMG
Kong, Shuo
Summer 2016
The Brightest from the Darkest: Deuterium Astrochemistry and the Onset of Massive Star and Star Cluster Formation in Infrared Dark CloudsJonathan TanPostdoc, Yale University
Thomas, Neil B, Jr
Summer 2015
Effect of Metallicity on Giant Planet and Brown Dwarf FormationJian GeAssistant Professor & Director of Operations within the Department of Astronautical Engineering, US Airforce
Ma, Bo
Summer 2015
A Statistical Study of Binaries, Brown Dwarfs and Giant Planets from MARVELS Survey Jian GePostdoc, University of Florida
Martines Manso, Jesus
Spring 2014
The Connection between Galaxies and Dark Matter in the Young UniverseAnthony GonzalezData Scientist, Capital One
Li, Dan,/a>
Fall 2013
High-Angular Resolution Mid-Infrared Study of Disks and Environments of Young StarsCharles TelescoPostdoc, Penn State University
Ybarra, Jason E
Summer 2013
Tracing star formation in the Rosette Molecular CloudElizabeth LadaAssistant Professor, Bridgewater College
Butler, Michael J
Summer 2013
Probing The Initial Conditions of Massive Star and Star Cluster Formation: A Combined Approach of Mid-Infrared Extinction Mapping and Numerical SimulationJonathan TanPostdoc, Institute of Theoretical Physics at the University of Zurich
Zhang, Yichen
Spring 2013
Massive Star Formation: Theory and ObservationJonathan TanPostdoc Researcher, Riken Star and Planet Formation Laboratory
Lopez Rodriguez, Enrique
Spring 2013
A Total and Polarized Infrared Flux View of the Agn Clumpy TorusChristopher PackhamVisiting Postdoc Scientist, NASA Ames Research Center
Mancone, Conor Lamb
Fall 2012
The Formation of Cluster GalaxiesAnthony GonzalezChief Technical Officer, DXWeb
Guo, Pengcheng
Fall 2012
Orbital Characterization of Multi-Object Exoplanetary Systems with Radial Velocity ObservationEric FordFounder & Chief Product Officer, Cloudsscape Info Tech
Wang, Ji
Summer 2012
Toward Massive Detection of Planets around M Dwarfs Using the Radial Velocity TechniqueJian GePostdoc Associate, Caltech
Lasso Caberra, Nestor Miguel
Summer 2012
High Speed Flickering & Jet Formation in GRS 1915+105Stephen EikenberryElectrical Engineer, Centro de Estudios Fisica del Cosmos de Aragon
Colon, Knicole Dawn
Summer 2012
Characterizing Extrasolar Planets with Multi-Color PhotometryEric FordResearch Support Scientist, Kepler/K2 Guest Observer Office, NASA Ames
San Roman Aberasturi, Izaskun
Spring 2012
The Formation and Evolution of M33 as Revealed by its Star ClustersAta SarajediniPostdoc Researcher, Centro de Estudios Fisica del Cosmos de Aragon
Capellupo, Daniel M
Summer 2012
Properties of Quasar Broad Absorption Line OutflowsFrederick HamannPostdoc, McGill University
Dewitt, Curtis Noel
Spring 2012
Stephen EikenberryPostdoc, NASA Ames Research Center
Fleming, Scott
Summer 2011
Desert Dwellers and Dynamic Duos: Short-Period Brown Dwarf Companions and Binary Science with Exoplanet SurveysJian GeData Archival Scientist, STScI
Keremedjiev, Mark
Spring 2011
Achieving Diffraction-Limited Angular Resolutions in the Optical Through Speckle StabilizationStephen EikenberryScientist, Federal Government
Chung, Sun Mi
Spring 2011
A Multi-wavelength View of Star Formation in Galaxy ClustersAnthony GonzalezPrincipal Data Scientist, AOL Platforms
Hernandez, Audra
Spring 2011
Jonathan TanAssistant Research Scientist and UW-Madison Astrophysics REU Director, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Cohen, Roger Evan
Spring 2011
Ata SarajediniPostdoc, Universidad de Concepcion
Yang, Soung-Chul
Spring 2011
RR Lyrae Variables in the Andrommeda Group GalaxiesAta SarajediniResearcher, Korea Astronomy & Space Science Institute (KASI)
Simon, Leah
Spring 2011
Frederick HamannAssitant Professor of Physics, Chair of the Physics Department, Ripon College
Espy, Ashley Jeanne
Spring 2010
The Dynamics of Asteroidal Dust and Structure of the Zodiacal CloudStanley DermottAssitant Professor of Astronomy, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Ferreira, Bruno R
Spring 2010
Shapes of Stellar Birth: A Statistical analysis of the internal structure of young embedded clustersElizabeth LadaAdjunct Faculty, Rasmussen College
Charcos Llorens, Miguel Vincente
Fall 2009
Spectropolarimetry of the jets of SS433Stephen EikenberryICT Country Manager for Greece, Disaster Tech Lab
Pérez Gallego, Jorge
Spring 2009
Three Dimensional Kinematics of Local Luminous Compact Blue GalaxiesRafael GuzmanDesigner & Educator, Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science
Rodriquez-Hidalgo, Paola
Spring 2009
Location and origin of dust in circumstellar debris disks: A mid-infrared imaging studyCharles TelescoAssistant Professor, Humboldt State University
Crepp, Justin R
Summer 2008
High-Contrast Imaging with a Band-limited Coronagraphic MaskJian GeAssitant Professor, Notre Dame University
Edwards, Michelle Lynn
Summer 2008
The Canarias InfraRed Camera Experiment (CIRCE) and the Search for and Study of Massive StarsStephen Eikenberry & Reba BandyopadhyayInstrument Support Scientist, Large Binocular Telescope Observatory
Mikles, Valerie J
Summer 2008
X-ray and infrared spectral and timing observations of galactic interacting binary stars and associated relativistic jetsStephen EikenberryContractor, NOAA Center for Satellite Applications and Research
Matkovic, Ana
Spring 2008
Internal kinematics and stellar populations of dwarf early-type galaxies in the Coma clusterRafael GuzmanLecturer, Penn State University
Van Eyken, Julian C
Fall 2007
Understanding and Reducing Dispersed Fixed-Delay Interferometric Data for Extrasolar Planet SearchesJian GeStaff, NASA Exoplanet Science Institute
Barker, Michael K
Fall 2007
The Stellar Populations of M33's Outer RegionsAta SarajediniScientific Programmer/ Data Analyst, Sigma Space
Vass, Ileana
Fall 2007
Studies of Mixing and Relaxation in Time-Dependent Collisionless Dynamical SystemsS Gottesman & Valluri M
Mariñas, Naibi
Spring 2007
Mid-infrared high resolution imaging of Herbig Ae/Be stars: Exploring the geometry of circumstellar dustCharles TelescoLecturer, University of Florida
Clark, David M
Spring 2007
Environments of x-ray sources in external galaxiesStephen EikenberryResident Astronomer, UNAM, Mexico
Mahadevan, Suvrath
Fall 2006
Jian GeAssociate Professor, Penn State University
Grocholski, Aaron J
Fall 2006
Metallicity, distance, and distribution of populous clusters in the Large Magellanic Cloud Ata SarajediniVisiting Assistant Professor, Swarthmore College
Levine, Joanna L
Fall 2006
Low mass star and brown dwarf formation in the Orion B molecular cloudElizabeth LadaVisiting Assistant Professor, Mount Holyoke College
McKEnzie, Eric Howie
Summer 2006
Dependence of galaxy stellar populations on density at z=0.3-1.5Anthony GonzalezAssociate Director, Astronomy Department, University of Maryland
Román Zúñiga, Carlos G
Spring 2006
Near Infrared Study of the Star-Forming Properties of the Rosette ComplexElizabeth LadaFellow, Calar Alto Observatory
Warner, Craig
Summer 2004
Metallicities, Black Holes Masses, and Emission Line Properties of Quasars Frederick HamannSoftware Engineer, University of Florida
Ratay, Douglas
Summer 2004
A Multi-wavelength Survey of Barred, Flocculent Galaxies S. GottesmanSenior Engineer, Decisive Analytics Corporation
Novotny, Steven J, Jr
Fall 2003
The Application of Secular Perturbation Theory to Explain Warping in the Circumstellar Disk of Beta PictorisStanley DermottResearcher, Airforce Research Lab, Kirkland AFB
Moth, Pimol
Summer 2003
Surface Brightness Profiles & Color Gradients of Galaxies in the Hubble Deep Fields North & SouthR J ElstonInstructor, Hartnell College
Boonyasait, Veera
Fall 2003
Structures in Dynamics of NGC3359S. Gottesman
Radomski, James T
Spring 2003
High Resolution Mid Infrared Imaging of Active Galactic NucleiFrederick HamannScience Fellow, Gemini Observatory
Muench, August A
Fall 2002
A Study of the Luminosity and Mass Functions of Very Young Stellar ClustersElizabeth LadaAstrophysicist, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Sideris, Ioannis V
Summer 2002
The Validity of the Continuum Limit in the Smooth Potential Description of N-Body SystemsH E KandrupTomalla Fellow, University of Zurich
Holmes, Elizabeth K
Summer 2002
Signatures of Planets: Observations and Modeling of Structure in the Zodiacal Cloud and Kuiper DiskStanley DermottNRC Fellow, JPL (deceased)
Valdemarsson, K W Tomas
Fall 2001
Electromagnetic Scattering by Flakes of Arbitrary Refractive Index: Theory, Experiment and Application B GustafsonResearch Scientist, Stockholm University
Vaccaro, Todd R
Spring 2001
H-Alpha Fluorescence in UV Active BinariesRobert WilsonAssistant Professor, Francis Marion University