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Infrared Astrophysics


The key strength of the IR group is the design, construction and commissioning of state-of-the-art infrared instrumentation used on large telescopes around the world.  All instruments, in varying levels of activity, are listed below.

CanariCam Mid-IR imager/spectrometer/polarimeter/coronagraph

Gran Telescopio Canarias

in progress
Near-IR imager/multislit spectrometer Gemini South
in progress
CIRCE Near-IR imager Gran Telescopio Canarias in progress
T-ReCS Mid-IR imager/spectrometer Gemini South
FLAMINGOS Near-IR imager/multislit spectrometer Kitt Peak 2.1-meter active
OSCIR Mid-IR imager/spectrometer CTIO, Keck,  IRTF, Gemini


Research Areas

The members of the IR research group also work on a wide range of research in addition to the instruments listed above -- including, but not limited to, these topics:

Circumstellar disks
Pre-main sequence stars 
Massive stars
Brown dwarfs

X-ray binaries
The Galactic center 
Star formation

Group Personnel


Dr. Stephen Eikenberry
Dr. Charles M. Telesco  
Dr. Rafael Guzmán  
Dr. Elizabeth Lada

Dr. Chris Packham  
Dr. S. Nicholas Raines  
Dr. Reba Bandyopadhyay

Graduate Students:

Ana Matkovic advisor: Dr. Rafael Guzmán
Cynthia Gómez Martín advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Lada
Michelle Edwards
advisor: Dr. Stephen Eikenberry
Valerie Mikles
advisor: Dr. Stephen Eikenberry
Margaret Moerchen
advisor: Dr. Charles Telesco
Miguel Charcos Llorens advisor: Dr. Stephen Eikenberry
Curtis DeWitt
advisor: Dr. Stephen Eikenberry
Noah Rashkind
advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Lada

Group Staff:

Roger Julian Project Manager & Engineer Coordinator
Kevin Hanna Sr. Electrical Engineer
Frank Varosi
Sr. Software Engineer
Greg Bennett
Sr. Mechanical Engineer
Jeffrey Julian Sr. Mechanical Engineer
Charley Murphy Mechanical Engineer
Craig Warner
Software Engineer


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