Visitor Information


Visitors are encouraged to make their own flight reservations. If your travel is to be reimbursed via UF, then please provide receipts for your expenses. We suggest that you check flights to Gainesville (GNV) first, as they are most convenient. Usually a connection in Atlanta (ATL), Charlotte (CLT) or Miami (MIA) is required. Flights into Gainesville can become fully booked and/or quite expensive, so please try to make reservations at least a couple months in advance. There are a few alternative airports that are often cheaper and sometimes more convenient. The next best airports are Jacksonville (JAX, ~1.5hr drive) and Orlando (MCO, ~2hr drive). Occasionally people use Tampa, which is about ~2.5 hrs away.


Short-term visitors usually stay at the Holiday Inn, AC Hotel by Marriott, or the Reitz Union on campus, since both are within easy walking distance to the department. Visitors interested in saying closer to downtown may also consider the Sweetwater Branch Inn or the Hampton Inn & Suites."

Local Transportation

If you fly into Gainesville and stay at the Holiday Inn or Reitz Union, then a car is not recommended. There is a free shuttle between the airport and the Holiday Inn. You must call the Holiday Inn to arrange a pickup. If the delay would be inconvenient, then I suggest taking a cab (~$20).


Any car rentals for visitors need to be arranged through the astronomy office (Janet Rose).


  • Map of town
  • Campus map Type BRT into the search box to find us


If you are to be reimbursed via UF (e.g., colloquium speakers), you'll need to submit the Visitor Travel Reimbursement Worksheet ("blue" form) prior to your travel. In particular, the astronomy office needs a name, institution, position, address (for mailing your check), and a date of birth, so that they can start the process of getting you "in the system". While there are some things we can reimburse without receipts, the rules are sufficiently complicated, that I suggest saving receipts for anything you want reimbursed. Email receipts are sufficient for airline etickets.


For wifi access using your own laptop, just have your department liaison send admin at astro dot ufl dot edu: your name, your email, a phone number (typically your cell or sponsor's office), your host, and the dates you'll need it setup for. If you wait to do this until after you arrive, it may result in a delay while the sysadmins deal with other issues. Because the wifi guest account is only valid for two weeks, extended visitors may want to request an account (access to NSF, printers, journals, etc) using this form.

Schedule for Colloquium Speakers

The astronomy colloquia are scheduled for Wednesday at 4pm. I'd suggest ~45 minutes plus ~5-10 minutes for questions. We normally have some grad students and postdocs take the colloquium speaker to lunch on Wednesday. We typically organize a dinner on Wednesday night. If your schedule is such that you'd prefer lunch/dinner on another day, please let us know in advance.