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Please email work requests to admin@astro.ufl.edu

Policies and Information

Introduction to Astronomy IT Services
Handbook (a must read for people new to unix or the department!)
Printers and Printing
Computer Equipment Ordering Policy/Procedure
Account Policy
Account Request Form
Data Backup Policy
Computer & Network Connection Policy
Frequently Asked Questions

SUSE Questions

Setting up Internationalization in KDE

Help Documents for Users

Handbook (a must read for people new to unix!)
Using UF Letterhead from Linux
How to setup a printer on a Windows system
Astronomy Phone and Email Listing
Accessing Astronomy Resources via VPN

Help Documents for IT Staff

Windows boot failure recovery
Various System Installation Notes
Spyware removal
Updating/Patching our FreeBSD systems
Contact information for RHO power
Making USB2 devices work at USB2 speeds
Rechipping Lexmark toner
SSRB Floorplans (PDF)