Setting up a printer under Windows

This document explains the process of setting up a Windows computer to print to any of the Astronomy network printers. It is written for Windows XP systems, but the same steps should work under Windows Vista and any other Windows version which supports IPP printing.

The first step is to identify which printer you would like to install and to make sure you have the appropriate printer drivers. The current list of printers and their model numbers is available at this link. You can find the drivers for Lexmark printers here.

Once you have made sure you have a copy of the drivers, go to the printers and faxes control panel and click on the Add a printer task.

Next, make sure to select the option to add A network printer, or a printer attached to another computer and then press the Next button.

Astronomy supports the IPP protocol and printing is done over http. When you a prompted to specify a printer, choose Connect to a printer on the Internet or on a home or office network: and then enter the URL

So, if you were setting up a workstation to print to the WATSON printer, you would specify the URL

Next you will be prompted for the drivers. You may wish to check and see if the drivers for the printer are already installed, however if they are not go ahead and select the Have Disk option and point to the directory where you downloaded the drivers into. If you are given multiple choices for both PCL and PostScript (PS) printers, please choose PS.

Once you have added the printer, please right click on the printer from the initial printer control panel and print a test page.