UF Letterhead on Your Own Computer

In 2006, the University of Florida revised the official letterhead used for official communications. Copies of the new UF Letterhead which you can use on your own computer have been placed on the Astronomy web-site in the office location.

If you need the username/password combination, please contact the office manager or IT staff.

Using UF Letterhead from OpenOffice

If you are using a department Linux machine, the new letterhead is already installed on your computer and ready to be used.

First you will need to start OpenOffice. You can do this by issuing the command oowriter from the command line.

Once OpenOffice has started, select File then New then Templates and Documents.

Then select Templates then Miscellaneous. There are two templates available: astro_letterhead is the old UF Letterhead with the UF seal, and is available for reference purposes or cases where you may need the old wordmark. UF-Letterhead is the new UF Letterhead and is the one you should use for the majority of letters.

If you have any questions on how to use the letterhead templates, please drop a note to the admin email address.