This document describes how to configure any of the Netscape based mail clients for use with the UF Astronomy Mail servers. The example images were captured from Mozilla mail, however the configuration for Thunderbird and Netscape mail should be nearly identical.

If you are looking for help with configuring Thunderbird version 3, please see our new document on how to configure Thunderbird 3 for the Astronomy Mail System.

The departmental IMAP server supports encrypted communication over the IMAPS protocol, as well as authenticated email relaying through the SUBMISSION protocol. The advantage to using these protocols rather than the standard IMAP/SMTP protocol is that traveling users can send and receive email from anywhere in the world while ensuring the contents of their email is secure from prying eyes. This document describes the necessary steps on configuring an email client to use IMAPS and SUBMISSION.

Throughout this document, you can click on any image to bring up a larger copy.

The first step is to bring up the Mozilla mail configuration screen by choosing the mail envelope in the left toolbar.

When you get to the "Mozilla Mail Accounts" screen select the option to Create a new account. This will bring up the New Account Wizard.

Tell the New Account Wizard that you are configuring an Email account. Once you have selected Email account, click on the NEXT button.
This will bring up the Identity page. Enter your name and your Email address in the space provided.

After entering your email address, press the NEXT button.

Your email address is your "Astronomy userid"

This screen will ask some basic information about the mail server.

We recommend using IMAP as the preferred method for grabbing your email because it will then stay on our server and be backed up daily.

If you chose to use POP we will not be responsible for any email you lose.

For the Incoming Server you should specify

Once you have entered this information, press the NEXT button.

The next screen will ask you for your Incoming User Name. This would be your Astronomy Userid by itself.

Please enter your userid here, then select the NEXT button.

This next screen allows you to enter a profile identifier for this account. You can use any string of text you choose, but our recommendation is to enter your email address.

Once you have entered a unique string, select the NEXT button.

The basic configuration is now complete. However, we still need to configure the email client to use IMAPS and SUBMISSION. You're almost done!

Go ahead and select the FINISH button and proceed to the next step.

We now need to modify the settings for this account.

Highlight the account name on the left screen, then click on the option to View settings for this account.

Highlight the bar that reads Server Settings.

Make sure that the option for Use secure connection (SSL) is checked. When you check this box, the Port setting should automatically change to port # 993. If it didn't, manually change the port.

Next highlight the option for Outgoing Server (SMTP).

Change the Port to number 587.

Enable the option to Use name and password.

Under User Name, enter your Astronomy userid.

Set the option Use secure connection to TLS.

Once the settings match this screen, click on the OK button.

When you check and send email, you may get a warning message regarding the self-signed certificate. The error message will probably say something like:

If you decide to look at the certificate, the self-signed certificate was issued on 2/13/2004 and expires on 2/10/2014.

Selecting the option to Accept this certificate permanently will do away with these error messages.