Reporting Computer Problems

The appropriate method of submitting a trouble ticket is by sending an email to This method is beneficial to both us and you because it provides an audit trail that the problem was reported, and it provides a means for us to identify your problem and prioritize it.

Do not send the email to any of the computer staff directly. This will guarantee that another IT staff member will be able to respond to your problem if the staff member you emailed was out of the office.

Our normal operational hours are 8:00AM to 4:30PM, M-F except holidays. Occassionally we may schedule system upgrades or maintenance windows outside of these hours in order to minimize the impact on the users of the department. While we may monitor the admin email outside of business hours, and may respond to critical events such as disk failures in the servers, there should be no expectation of service for simple problems outside of business hours. We respect and value your time away from the office, and we hope that you would respect and value our time away from the office as well.

Although we will try to resolve your computer problem as quickly as possible, there may be times when we're putting out other fires and you may have to wait. Additionally, there may be occassions when we have to put your problem on hold to deal with another issue; for example, we may delay in resolving your scanner problem if our primary file server crashes. We will try to resolve your problem within five business days.

When you send us an email, we will respond within a business day to let you know that it was received and what priority your problem has been given. We may also ask for further clarification to determine the nature of your problem, or in an effort to replicate the problem so we may resolve it. If we ask for further clarification, and we receive nothing back, your problem may be left on indefinite hold.

Please note, in accordance with our Computer Connection Policy, we can not provide support for non-University owned computers. There are a myriad number of different computer vendors and hardware configurations available, and it may be possible that we lack the necessary experience to properly work on your equipment.