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EikenberryProfessor Stephen Eikenberry

Department of Astronomy
211 Bryant Space Science Ctr
Gainesville, FL 32611
Phone: (352)392-2052, x260 Fax: (352)392-5089




Professor Eikenberry delivering F2 Infrared Camera in Gemini South.

Stephen Eikenberry studied under renowned Harvard University mentor, Giovanni Fazio.. After studying at Harvard, MIT and the California Institute of Technology, Eikenberry taught at Cornell for 41/2 years, he left Cornell with tenure to became a full professor in the Astronomy Department at the University of Florida.

He works on Infrared instrumentation, multi-wavelength (esp. X-ray and infrared) observations of compact objects, black holes, neutron stars, relativistic jet formation, massive stars.

His research focuses on studying black holes, neutron stars, and the massive stars that make them. He also designs and build astronomical instruments (primarily infrared and optical) to carry out these observations.

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