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The portable activities we can bring to your institution:

Making a comet

Comet Making

What are the ingredients of a comet? This activity demonstrates what a comet is made of and how it works. This requires dry ice which is always fun to include!
Solar System

Pocket Solar System and Solar System by Volume:

A scale of the solar system that fits in your pocket that shows how far apart the planets are spread out and a model of the relative sizes by volume of the planets of our solar system
Scale of the Universe

Scale of the Universe

A step by step scale of the universe. You can see how far apart some of the galaxies in the universe are spread out from our own Milky Way. With this activity, we also discuss the types of galaxies.
Lunar Phases

Lunar Phases and Eclipses

An interactive activity where people can see a demonstration and also physically puzzle out for themselves how the phases of the moon and eclipses work.
Picture showing how small we are

How Small Are We?

The scale of the size of the moon, sun, and earth and their distances apart are put into terms of ordinary objects such as pennies and tennis balls.
Astronomy in a cup

Astronomy in a Cup

Using ordinary, everyday objects we can illustrate the scientific process and the challenges of doing science.
Cosmic Sorting Cards

Cosmic Sorting Cards

People are challenged to think about the size, distance from earth, and age of various astronomical objects.

We have a large repertoire of a lot more activities, so if you don’t see one that fits what you are looking for you can just let us know what you would like us to focus on and we will try and find an activity or come up with one.