Graduate Program Alumni

Name Year Dissertation Advisor Current Position E-mail Address
Garner, Alan 2018; Summer Probing The Galactic Center With CIRCE Stephen Eikenberry Postdoc, MIT
Zhang, Han 2018; Summer Mid_Infrared Polarimetry: Insights Into Magnetic Fields And Dust Grain Properties In Young Stellar Objects And Protoplanetary Disks Charles Telesco
Chanchaiworawit, Krittapas 2018; Summer Discovery Of The Highest Redshift Protocluster: Lyman Alpha Emitters At z=6.5 Rafael Guzman Postdoc, University of Florida
Chen, Chen 2018; Summer Frederick Hamann
Mo, Wenli 2018; Summer Active Galactic Nuclei In Massive And Distant Galaxy Clusters Anthony Gonzalez Data Scientist, Whisker Labs
Sithajan, Sirinrat 2018; Spring Jian Ge Astronomer, National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand
Suwnnajak, Chutipong 2018; Spring Stellar Populations In The Dynamically-Active M81 Group Of Galaxies Ata Sarajedini Astronomer, National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand
Hu, Xiao 2017; Summer Inside-Out Planet Formation: Pebble Delivery And Planet-Disk Co-Evolution Jonathan Tan
Herbst, Hanna 2017; Summer Dust-Reddened Quasars And Quasar Outflows Frederick Hamann
Stelter, Deno 2017; Summer Science-Driven Instrumentation: Image-Slicing Integral Field Spectroscopy, Or, Measuring The Universe One Slice At A Time Stephen Eikenberry Postdoc, UC Santa Cruz
DeMaio, Tahlia 2017; Summer Intracluster Light In Galaxy Groups And Clusters Anthony Gonzalez Data Scientist, Second Measure
Romita, Krista 2017; Summer Embedded Clusters In The Large Magellanic Cloud Elizabeth Lada Associate Physical Scientist, RAND Corporation
Lim, Wang Gi 2017; Summer Jonathan Tan
Ma, Jingzhe 2017; Summer The Formation and Evolution of High-redshift Dusty Galaxies Anthony Gonzalez,
Jian Ge
Postdoc, UC Irvine
Ordonez, Antonio 2017; Spring Pulsating Variable Stars In Local Group Dwarf Galaxies Ata Sarajedini
Tanakul, Nahathai 2017; Spring RR Lyrae Variable Stars In M31-M33 Super-Halo Ata Sarajedini Astronomer, National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand
Wagner-Kaiser, Rachel 2016; Fall Bayesian Analysis And Characterization Of Multiple Populations In Galactic Globular Clusters Ata Sarajedini Data Scientist, KPMG
Kong, Shuo 2016; Summer The Brightest from the Darkest: Deuterium Astrochemistry and the Onset of Massive Star and Star Cluster Formation in Infrared Dark Clouds Jonathan Tan Postdoc, Yale University
Thomas, Neil B, Jr 2015; Summer Effect of Metallicity on Giant Planet and Brown Dwarf Formation Jian Ge Assistant Professor & Director of Operations within the Department of Astronautical Engineering, US Airforce
Ma, Bo 2015; Summer A Statistical Study of Binaries, Brown Dwarfs and Giant Planets from MARVELS Survey Jian Ge Postdoc, University of Florida
Martinez Manso, Jesus 2014; Spring The Connection between Galaxies and Dark Matter in the Young Universe Anthony Gonzalez Data Scientist, Capital One
Li, Dan 2013; Fall High-Angular Resolution Mid-Infrared Study of Disks and Environments of Young Stars Charles Telesco Postdoc, Penn State University
Ybarra, Jason E 2013; Summer Tracing star formation in the Rosette Molecular Cloud Elizabeth Lada Assistant Professor, Bridgewater College
Butler, Michael J 2013; Summer Probing The Initial Conditions of Massive Star and Star Cluster Formation: A Combined Approach of Mid-Infrared Extinction Mapping and Numerical Simulation Jonathan Tan Postdoc, Institute of Theoretical Physics at the University of Zurich
Zhang, Yichen 2013; Spring Massive Star Formation: Theory and Observation Jonathan Tan Postdoc Researcher, Riken Star and Planet Formation Laboratory
Lopez Rodriguez, Enrique 2013; Spring A Total and Polarized Infrared Flux View of the Agn Clumpy Torus Christopher Packham Visiting Postdoc Scientist, NASA Ames Research Center
Mancone, Conor Lamb 2012; Fall The Formation of Cluster Galaxies Anthony Gonzalez Chief Technical Officer, DXWeb
Guo, Pengcheng 2012; Fall Orbital Characterization of Multi-Object Exoplanetary Systems with Radial Velocity Observation Eric Ford Founder & Chief Product Officer, Cloudsscape Info Tech
Wang, Ji 2012; Summer Toward Massive Detection of Planets around M Dwarfs Using the Radial Velocity Technique Jian Ge Postdoc Associate, Caltech
Lasso Cabrera, Nestor Miguel 2012; Summer High Speed Flickering & Jet Formation in GRS 1915+105 Stephen Eikenberry Electrical Engineer, Centro de Estudios Fisica del Cosmos de Aragon
Colon, Knicole Dawn 2012; Summer Characterizing Extrasolar Planets with Multi-Color Photometry Eric Ford Research Support Scientist, Kepler/K2 Guest Observer Office, NASA Ames
San Roman Aberasturi, Izaskun 2012; Spring The Formation and Evolution of M33 as Revealed by its Star Clusters Ata Sarajedini Postdoc Researcher, Centro de Estudios Fisica del Cosmos de Aragon
Capellupo, Daniel M 2012; Spring Properties of Quasar Broad Absorption Line Outflows Frederick Hamann Postdoc, McGill University
Dewitt, Curtis Noel 2011; Summer Stephen Eikenberry Postdoc, NASA Ames Research Center
Fleming, Scott 2011; Summer Desert Dwellers and Dynamic Duos: Short-Period Brown Dwarf Companions and Binary Science with Exoplanet Surveys Jian Ge Data Archival Scientist, STScI
Keremedjiev, Mark 2011; Spring Achieving Diffraction-Limited Angular Resolutions in the Optical Through Speckle Stabilization Stephen Eikenberry Scientist, Federal Government
Chung, Sun Mi 2011; Spring A Multi-wavelength View of Star Formation in Galaxy Clusters Anthony Gonzalez Principal Data Scientist, AOL Platforms
Hernandez, Audra 2011; Spring Jonathan Tan Assistant Research Scientist and UW-Madison Astrophysics REU Director, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Cohen, Roger Evan 2011; Spring Ata Sarajedini Postdoc, Universidad de Concepcion
Yang, Soung-Chul 2011; Spring RR Lyrae Variables in the Andrommeda Group Galaxies Ata Sarajedini Researcher, Korea Astronomy & Space Science Institute (KASI)
Simon, Leah 2011; Spring Frederick Hamann Assitant Professor of Physics, Chair of the Physics Department, Ripon College
Espy, Ashley Jeanne 2010; Spring The Dynamics of Asteroidal Dust and Structure of the Zodiacal Cloud Stanley Dermott Assitant Professor of Astronomy, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Ferreira, Bruno R. 2010; Spring Shapes of Stellar Birth: A Statistical analysis of the internal structure of young embedded clusters Elizabeth Lada Adjunct Faculty, Rasmussen College
Charcos Llorens, Miguel Vicente 2009; Fall Spectropolarimetry of the jets of SS433 Stephen Eikenberry ICT Country Manager for Greece, Disaster Tech Lab
Pérez Gallego, Jorge 2009; Spring Three Dimensional Kinematics of Local Luminous Compact Blue Galaxies Rafael Guzman Designer & Educator, Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science
Rodríguez-Hidalgo, Paola 2009; Spring Location and origin of dust in circumstellar debris disks: A mid-infrared imaging study Charles Telesco Assistant Professor, Humboldt State University
Crepp, Justin R 2008; Summer High-Contrast Imaging with a Band-limited Coronagraphic Mask Jian Ge Assitant Professor, Notre Dame University
Edwards, Michelle Lynn 2008; Summer The Canarias InfraRed Camera Experiment (CIRCE) and the Search for and Study of Massive Stars Stephen Eikenberry & Reba Bandyopadhyay Instrument Support Scientist, Large Binocular Telescope Observatory
Mikles, Valerie J 2008; Summer X-ray and infrared spectral and timing observations of galactic interacting binary stars and associated relativistic jets Stephen Eikenberry Contractor, NOAA Center for Satellite Applications and Research
Matkovic, Ana 2008; Spring Internal kinematics and stellar populations of dwarf early-type galaxies in the Coma cluster Rafael Guzman Lecturer, Penn State University
Van Eyken, Julian C 2007; Fall Understanding and Reducing Dispersed Fixed-Delay Interferometric Data for Extrasolar Planet Searches Jian Ge Staff, NASA Exoplanet Science Institute
Barker, Michael K 2007; Fall The Stellar Populations of M33's Outer Regions Ata Sarajedini Scientific Programmer/ Data Analyst, Sigma Space
Vass, Ileana 2007; Fall Studies of Mixing and Relaxation in Time-Dependent Collisionless Dynamical Systems S Gottesman & Valluri M
Mariñas, Naibí 2007; Spring Mid-infrared high resolution imaging of Herbig Ae/Be stars: Exploring the geometry of circumstellar dust Charles Telesco Lecturer, University of Florida
Clark, David M 2007; Spring Environments of x-ray sources in external galaxies Stephen Eikenberry Resident Astronomer, UNAM, Mexico
Mahadevan, Suvrath 2006; Fall Jian Ge Associate Professor, Penn State University
Grocholski, Aaron J 2006; Fall Metallicity, distance, and distribution of populous clusters in the Large Magellanic Cloud Ata Sarajedini Visiting Assistant Professor, Swarthmore College
Levine, Joanna L 2006; Fall Low mass star and brown dwarf formation in the Orion B molecular cloud Elizabeth Lada Visiting Assistant Professor, Mount Holyoke College
McKEnzie, Eric Howie 2006; Summer Dependence of galaxy stellar populations on density at z=0.3-1.5 Anthony Gonzalez Associate Director, Astronomy Department, University of Maryland
Román Zúñiga, Carlos G 2006; Spring Near Infrared Study of the Star-Forming Properties of the Rosette Complex Elizabeth Lada Fellow, Calar Alto Observatory
Warner, Craig 2004; Summer Metallicities, Black Holes Masses, and Emission Line Properties of Quasars Frederick Hamann Software Engineer, University of Florida
Ratay, Douglas 2004; Summer A Multi-wavelength Survey of Barred, Flocculent Galaxies S. Gottesman Senior Engineer, Decisive Analytics Corporation
Novotny, Steven J, Jr 2003; Fall The Application of Secular Perturbation Theory to Explain Warping in the Circumstellar Disk of Beta Pictoris Stanley Dermott Researcher, Airforce Research Lab, Kirkland AFB
Moth, Pimol 2003; Fall Surface Brightness Profiles & Color Gradients of Galaxies in the Hubble Deep Fields North & South R J Elston Instructor, Hartnell College
Boonyasait, Veera 2003; Fall Structures in Dynamics of NGC3359 S. Gottesman
Radomski, James T 2003; Spring High Resolution Mid Infrared Imaging of Active Galactic Nuclei Frederick Hamann Science Fellow, Gemini Observatory
Muench, August A 2002; Fall A Study of the Luminosity and Mass Functions of Very Young Stellar Clusters Elizabeth Lada Astrophysicist, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Sideris, Ioannis V 2002; Summer The Validity of the Continuum Limit in the Smooth Potential Description of N-Body Systems H E Kandrup Tomalla Fellow, University of Zurich
Holmes, Elizabeth K 2002; Spring Signatures of Planets: Observations and Modeling of Structure in the Zodiacal Cloud and Kuiper Disk Stanley Dermott NRC Fellow, JPL (deceased)
Valdemarsson, K W Tomas 2001; Fall Electromagnetic Scattering by Flakes of Arbitrary Refractive Index: Theory, Experiment and Application B Gustafson Research Scientist, Stockholm University
Vaccaro, Todd R 2001; Spring H-Alpha Fluorescence in UV Active Binaries Robert Wilson Assistant Professor, Francis Marion University