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Keith Tirimba

Keith Tirimba

Graduate Student

Office: 401 Bryant Space Science Center
Phone: (352) 294-1890

Educational Background

  • B.Sc. Physics (Astrophysics), University of California, Santa Cruz, 2016
  • M.Sc. Astronomy, Leiden University, 2019

Areas of Specialty

Star Formation, Galaxy Evolution, Star Clusters

Research Interests

I am particularly interested in how different natal environments affect the process of star formation. I study this by examining various populations of young star clusters in the Milky Way and nearby galaxies.


I am currently a First year Ph.D. student working under the supervision of Elizabeth Lada in analysing young embedded clusters in the Large Magellanic Cloud. I am originally from Nairobi, Kenya but have called the U.S. home for over 10 years. Before my Ph.D., I studied Physics at the University of California, Santa Cruz and received a Master’s degree in Astronomy from Leiden University, The Netherlands.