Krittapas Chanchaiworawit

Graduate Student


210 Bryant Space Science Center
(352) 294–1860
(352) 392–5089


Educational Background
  • B.Sc., Physics, Lehigh University, 2012
Areas of Specialty
Observational Cosmology, Reionization Epoch, Population III star formation

Research Interests
I'm interested in mostly how the Universe and galaxies have developed from the dawn of time up until now. So, as of now, I'm working with Professor Jonathan Tan about the mass constrain of Population III stars with the present of Dark Matter annihilation. I also start working with Professor Rafael Guzman about the observation of high redshift galaxies and the hydrogen reionization epoch, how they formed, and how they influenced the intergalactic medium.

I'm originally from a small town, east of Bangkok, Thailand, called Chachoengsao. I've earned the Royal Thai Government Scholarship since 2008 to study in Astronomy/Physics. Thus, I have a commitment to work for the government in the area of astronomical research for about 20 years after I get my PhD (if I'm lucky enough). I graduated from Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania with B.S. in Physics in May 2012. Right now, Gainesville and UF are both my home and work place.