Sarik Jeram

Graduate Student


401 Bryant Space Science Center
(352) 294–1890
(352) 392–5089



Educational Background
  • B.Sc. Astronomy, Physics, University of Florida, 2015

Areas of Specialty
Instrumentation; 3D printing/rapid prototyping; detection of optically bright QSOs for use with redshift drift experiments

Research Interests
I'm interested in detecting optically bright QSOs at redshifts between z=2 and z=5 that place the Lyman-alpha forest within the optical window as these QSOs are particularly important for enabling ground-based redshift drift experiments in the future. Additionally, I am interested in instrumentation so that I may learn to design and build the next generation of optical and infrared astronomical instruments.

I've spent most of my life in Florida and am continuing the trend into graduate school! I attended UF for undergraduate studies and received a B.S. in both astronomy and physics. As an undergraduate, I worked on two different research projects: the first focused on mapping out star forming regions in the Milky Way with Dr. Peter Barnes while the second dealt with instrumentation for exoplanet detecting spectrographs with Dr. Jian Ge. During my gap year, I worked with Dr. Jian Ge to write the automation framework for the University of Florida 50" telescope on Mt. Lemmon, near Tucson, Arizona, so naturally I am very fond of writing large amounts of code! I am now working towards a PhD with Dr. Steve Eikenberry and Dr. Anthony Gonzalez.