Jonathan Tan

Associate Professor


302 Bryant Space Science Center
(352) 294–1851
(352) 392–5089

Educational Background
  • Ph.D., Astronomy, University of California, Berkeley, 2001
  • B.A., Physics, University of Cambridge, 1995
Areas of Specialty
Theoretical astrophysics, star formation, interstellar medium, massive stars, star clusters, galaxy formation, first stars, accretion disks, AGN, galactic center, GRBs.

Research Interests
My research is focused on the origin of stellar systems, ranging from the first stars and galaxies to local star clusters and massive stars, such as in the Orion Nebula. I am also interested in the physics of the interstellar medium, accretion disks, supernovae, gamma-ray bursts, and active galactic nuclei.

I am currently an Associate Professor in the Astronomy Department at UF. After receiving my PhD in Astrophysics under the supervision of Christopher McKee at UC Berkeley in 2001, I spent three years at Princeton as a Lyman-Spitzer Jr. Postdoctoral Fellow in Theoretical Astrophysics and a Cotsen Fellow in the Society of Fellows, which entailed co-lecturing one course per year. I spent one year at ETH Zurich as a Zwicky postdoctoral fellow, before moving to UF in 2005 as an Assistant Professor. I received an NSF CAREER award in 2007.