Wanggi Lim

Graduate Student


315 Bryant Space Science Center
(352) 294–1854
(352) 392–5089


Educational Background
  • B.Sc., Astronomy, University of Illinois at UC, 2010
Areas of Specialty
Multi-wavelength extinction mapping (NIR-FIR); radio observations.

Research Interests
ISM; GMC; massive star formation process; pop III stars.

Born in Korea. When I studied in UIUC, I mostly studied cosmology topics, such as the mass density of CNO in early universe (right after Big Bang Nucleosynthesis). Then, I moved to Korea Astronomy & Space Science Institute (KASI) where I worked for two years. In KASI, I started doing radio observations of star forming regions and the experience changed my research direction to studying the ISM. Now, I am working on multi-wavelength extinction mapping toward dense molecular clumps and cores under the supervision of Dr. Jonathan Tan. Also, I am working on the CHaMP survey under the supervision of Dr. Peter Barnes.