Yigit Dallilar

Graduate Students


319A Bryant Space Science Center
(352) 294–1858
(352) 392–5089


Educational Background
  • B.Sc., Material Science & Engineering, Sabanci University, Turkey, 2014

Areas of Specialty
Black Hole Binaries, Jet Formation, Instrumentation(IR/Xray), Fast Photometry

Research Interests
Black hole binaries, microquasars, especially GRS1915+105, jet formation from similar sources, physics of accretion disks. Instrumentation infrared, xray.

I am from Turkey. I obtained my bachelor's degree from Sabanci University as a material scientist. However, I leaned towards X-ray astronomy during my study. I worked on several instrumentation projects such as coded mask design and CdZnTe detector simulations. I went to Denmark in 2013 for summer internship and worked on rotation modulation collimator mask and focal Compton detector design. For my bachelor thesis, I worked on the deadtime correction for HEXTE instrument and high energy variability on black hole binaries. A year ago, I moved to Florida as a graduate student in UF. Here, I work with Steve Eikenberry, continue my science study on jet formation from black hole binaries. I am in charge of fast photometry observations with CIRCE and provide necessary tools for the observations in fast photometry mode.