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August 2017
Monday August 21th: Total Solar Eclipse in continental US

View the Partial Solar Eclipse in Gainesville on Monday August 21th from the UF Campus Teaching Observatory
The partial eclipse start at 1:15 PM and end at 4:11 PM. Maximum eclipse at 2:47 PM (89% magnitude)
The Campus Teaching Observatory will open between 1:00-4:30 PM (Weather permiting)

Date Objects Movie Activity Special group
Aug 4 CLOSED, end of summer semester
None None None
Aug  11 CLOSED, school break
None None None
Aug 18 CLOSED, school break
None None None
Aug 21
View the partial solar eclipse from the Campus Teaching Observatory. Observe the Sun with telescopes (with solar filters) and solar eclipse glasses.
This is a free public event provided by the UF Astronomy Dept..
Never look at the sun with the naked eye or any optical instrument. Use a safe solar filter or solar eclipse glasses

Partial solar eclipse Free public event
Aug 25 CLOSED None None None

(Movies are subject to change depending on availability.)

For more information e-mail us at public@astro.ufl.edu

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Last  Updated  August 08, 2017