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For more information contact Dr. Fracisco Reyes at reyes.astro.ufl.edu

The planetary radio astronomy group is involved in many aspects of the study of radio emissions from the giant planets. Their data set includes that taken by the Planetary Radio experiment onboard the Voyager spacecraft as well as over 35 years of data taken at the University of Florida Radio Observatory (UFRO).

The planetary radio group operates the UFRO, one of the two largest observatories in the world dedicated to the study of decametric radio emission from the planet Jupiter. Currently Drs. Carr and Reyes are studying very-fine structure in the dynamic spectra of the Jovian decametric emission. They are also interpreting the longer time-scale morphology of the decametric emission and how it relates to emission locations and mechanisms within the Jovian magnetosphere. Along with Dr. Kazumasa Imai, a visiting scientist from Japan, they are developing models explaining certain types of lane features present in the decametric radiation from Jupiter.

Dr. Chuck Higgins (now at NASA Goddard) used data from 1957 to 1994 at UFRO to determine a more precise value of the Jovian rotation period. He is also studying the hectometric radio data taken by the Voyager spacecraft during its encounter with Jupiter. Dr. Leonard Garcia (Ph.D., December 1996) also used UFRO radio data to determine the shape of the emission beams from Jupiter by studying how the declination of Earth affects the observations. He also analyzed the data for other periodic effects that influence the Jovian decametric radio emissions.


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