Image credit: NASA, ESA, and D. Gouliermis (University of Heidelberg) - Acknowledgement: Luca Limatola

Star Formation & ISM

UF has several very active research groups in the field of star formation and the interstellar medium. On the observational side, Profs. Lada, Eikenberry, and Telesco are leading near and mid infrared surveys of embedded star clusters, galactic center star formation, local massive star formation and infrared dark clouds. Many of these observational projects involve instrumentation built at UF. Dr. Barnes is leading the Census of High and Medium-mass Protostars (CHaMP) multiwavelength survey of a large region of the southern Milky Way. On the theoretical side, Profs. Narayanan and Torrey are engaged in developing models of star formation including the role that feedback plays in regulating star formation, understanding tracers of star formation, probing giant molecular cloud evolution, and developing models of galactic-scale star formation.

Faculty Research

Massive Star Formation, Star Cluster Formation, Galactic-Scale Star Formation, Theoretical Modeling, Numerical Simulation, Molecular Line Surveys, Infrared Surveys, Mid Infrared Observations.

Peter Barnes

Desika Narayanan

Stephen Eikenberry

Elizabeth Lada

Naibi MariƱas

Charles Telesco

Paul Torrey