Florida Star and Planet Formation Days

These one to two-day workshops bring together the Florida star formation community. Meetings are held every few months and alternate between the University of Florida (UF) in Gainesville and the University of Central Florida (UCF) in Orlando, with occasional meetings at ERAU in Daytona.

Friday 17th March 2017 --- Gainesville --- Bryant 217

10.00am Jonathan Tan - welcome and introductions

10.05am Desika Narayanan (UF) - A physical model for the [CII]-FIR deficit in luminous galaxies

10.25am Qi Li (UF) - Dynamical Evolution of the ISM and GMCs in Disk Galaxies

10.40am David Collins (FSU) - Properties of Molecular Cloud Column Densities

10.55am Duncan Christie (UF) - The Role of Ambipolar Diffusion in GMC Collisions

11.10am Kye Stalpes (FSU) - Resolution Effects in Determining Filament Widths in Molecular Clouds

11.25am Cheng Yu (UF) - Core mass function of a massive protocluster G286 revealed by ALMA

11.40am Victor Rivilla (Arcetri) - The low D/H ratio in the Galactic Center quiescent gas

12pm Lunch 2pm Giacomo Beccari (ESO) - The nature of recently discovered multiple populations in the Orion Nebula Cluster

2.20pm Juan Farias (UF) - Star cluster formation from a dynamical perspective

2.35pm Adam Ginsburg (NRAO Socorro) - The mysteries of the Galactic Center or the Orion outflow

2.55pm Yichen Zhang (RIKEN) - Outflow Entrainment

3.15pm Emily Moser (UF) - The Protostellar Population of a Massive IRDC

3.30pm Coffee break

4.00pm Maria Drozdovskaya (Bern) - Chemistry of high-mass YSOs

4.20pm Darryl Seligman (Yale) - Nonlaminar Flow in Protostellar Disks

4.40pm Peter Hoeflich (FSU) - Type Ia Supernovae in a New Light: Probing the Signatures of the Progenitors and Progenitor Systems

5.00pm Catherine Vlahakis (NRAO Charlottesville) - Calibrating dust continuum as an ISM mass tracer at high redshift

5.20pm Peter Behroozi (UC Berkeley) - Recoiling Supermassive Black Hole Escape Velocities from Dark Matter Halos

5.40pm Nil Banik (UF) - Formation of Supermassive Black Holes from Population III.1 Protostars 5.55pm End of Science Program

7pm Reception

Friday 11th March 2016 --- Gainesville --- Bryant 217

10.00am Jonathan Tan - welcome and introductions

10.05am Chris DePree (Agnes Scott) - Using Ultracompact (UC) and Hypercompact (HC) HII Regions as Probes of Massive Star Formation in the Milky Way

10.50am Vivian Rosero (NRAO/New Mexico Tech) - Overview of Weak and Compact Radio Emission in Early High-Mass Star Formation Regions

11.10am Kei Tanaka (UF) - Ionization and radiation pressure feedback during massive star formation

11.30am Mengyao Liu (UF) - Outflows of massive protostars in IRDCs

11.40am Jan Staff (UF) - 3-D MHD disk wind simulations of jets from high-mass young stars

11.55am Thomas Bisbas (MPE/UF) - Dynamical expansion of HII regions

12.10pm Lunch break and discussions

2.10pm Subhanjoy Mohanty (Imperial) - The porridge is too hot!! Goldilocks planets around M dwarfs

2.30pm Xiao Hu (UF) - Pebble Evolution in Inside-Out Planet Formation

2.45pm Katia Matcheva (UF) - Variability in Saturn's ionosphere

3.00pm Jian Ge (UF) - The Dharma Planet Survey

3.15pm Blakesley Burkhart (Harvard) - What Drives Turbulence in Galaxies: Star Formation or Gravity?

3.35pm Wanggi Lim (UF) - Physical and chemical properties of star-forming regions: estimates from dust and gas

3.50pm Coffee Break -

4.20pm David Collins (FSU) - Projection effects in measuring virial parameters in the ISM

4.40pm Charlène Lefèvre (IRAM) - Dust properties and evolution in pre-stellar cores and IRDCs

5.00pm Duncan Christie (UF) - Modeling Ambipolar Diffusion with Enzo

5.15pm Nicola Da Rio (UF) - Latest results from the INfrared Spectroscopy of Young Nebulous Clusters (IN-SYNC) survey

5.30pm Krittapas Chanchaiworawit (UF) - Population III Star Formation in Dark Matter Minihalos

5.45pm Nilanjan Banik (UF) - Cosmic Formation Histories of the First Stars and Black Holes

6.00pm End of science program

7.00pm Reception

Thur. 12th and Friday 13th March 2015 --- Gainesville --- Bryant 217

Thursday - ALMA/VLA/CASA Workshop

9.30am Juergen Ott (NRAO) - NRAO-wide overview talk plus ALMA Cycle 3 capabilities

10.30am Cara Battersby (Harvard) - Interferometry basics and Millimeter considerations

11.15am Juergen Ott (NRAO) - Proposal Submission Process / Overview of ALMA OT

11.45am Introduction to hands-on exercises

12.00pm Lunch break

1.30pm Discussion of ALMA science results from Cycles 0, 1, 2 in selected science topics

2.30pm Hands-on exercises, including preparation of ALMA Cycle 3 proposals

3.30pm Break

4pm Continuation of hands-on exercises, including preparation of ALMA Cycle 3 proposals

5.30pm Short science presentations related to ALMA proposals?

6pm End

Friday - Star & Planet Formation Day

10.00am Jonathan Tan - welcome and introductions

10.05am David Collins (FSU) - Physical processes in prestellar cores

10.25am Juan Camilo Ibez-Mejia (AMNH/Heidelberg) - Exploring the initial conditions of star formation in a turbulent ISM

10.45am Johanna Malinen (FSU) - Recent results of Galactic Cold Cores Herschel program: filament, core, and dust properties

11.05am Wanggi Lim (UF) - Spectroscopic Infrared Extinction Mapping as a Probe of Grain Growth in IRDCs

11.20am Chris Faesi (Harvard) Diagnosing Pressure in Molecular Clouds through Observations and Simulations

11.40am Thomas Bisbas (UCL) - Modelling three-dimensional photodissociation regions

12.00pm Lunch break and discussions

2.00pm Kei Tanaka (UF) - Protostellar Feedback in Massive Star Formation

2.20pm Anna Rosen (UCSC) - Radiation Pressure in Star Formation Simulations with Hybrid Radiation Transfer

2.40pm Frank Varosi (UF) - Infrared Studies of Orion BN/KL

2.55pm Michael Butler (U. Zurich) - Star Formation in Disk Galaxies: The Effect of Radiative Feedback on the Formation of Molecules

3.15pm Stefanie Walch (U. Cologne) - Modeling Supernova Feedback

3.35pm Coffee break & discussions

4.10pm Cara Battersby (Harvard) - The Submillimeter Array Legacy Survey of the Central Molecular Zone

4.35pm Juergen Ott (NRAO) - Science with the Next Generation VLA

4.55pm Eduardo Martin (CAB, Madrid) - Astrometric and transit searches for planets around brown dwarfs with the GTC and the VLT

5.15pm Xiao Hu (UF) - Simulations of Inside-Out Planet Formation

5.30pm Discussion

6pm End of science program

6.30pm Reception

Friday 14th March 2014 --- Gainesville --- Bryant 217

10:00AM Jonathan Tan - welcome and introductions

10.05am David Collins (FSU) What does turbulence actually do?

10.30am Blakesley Burkhart (Wisconsin) New Techniques for Measurements of the Alfvenic Mach Number in the ISM

10.50am Matthew Goodson (UNC) Turbulent Mixing and Sub-grid Models

11.10am Shuo Kong (UF) Deuteration in Massive Starless Cores

11.30am Krista Romita (UF) Embedded Clusters in the Large Magellanic Cloud

11.50am Nicola Da Rio (UF) Accretion Rate Evolution in Young Star Clusters

~12.05pm Lunch & Discussions

2.00pm Zhaohuan Zhu (Princeton) Episodic accretion in YSOs

2.25pm Jonathan Tan (UF) Inside-Out Planet Formation

2.45pm Subhanjoy Mohanty (Imperial) The Strong Effects of Ambipolar Diffusion on the MRI in Protoplanetary Disks

3.10pm Josh Colwell (UCF) A probabilistic model for collisional accretion of planetesimals

3.30pm Coffee Break

4pm Akbar Whizin (UCF) Accretion and disruption of rubble-pile aggregates in low-velocity collisions

4.20pm Todd Bradley (UCF) Observational and Laboratory Investigations of Outer Solar System Ices

4.40pm Sourav Chatterjee (UF) Planetesimal Interactions and their Effects on Mean Motion Resonances

5.00pm Jian Ge (UF) Robotic, high cadence and high precision Doppler planet survey

5.30pm Discussion

6pm End of science program

6.30pm Reception

Friday 15th Feb. 2013 --- Gainesville --- Bryant 217

10:00AM Jonathan Tan - welcome and introductions

10.05AM Fumitaka Nakamura (NAOJ) - Toward Understanding of the Initial Conditions of Star Cluster Formation: The Case of Serpens South

10.30AM Cara Battersby (Colorado) - The Dynamics and Lifetimes of Massive Star and Cluster Forming Regions

10.50AM Peter Barnes (UF) - Molecular and Near-Infrared Signposts of Massive Clump Evolution and Star Cluster Formation

11.10AM Sven Van Loo (Harvard CfA) - Filament formation in molecular clouds

11.35AM Ben Wu (UF) - Triggering gravitational collapse via collision of magnetized giant molecular clouds

11.50AM Charles Telesco (UF) - First results from CanariCam

12.10PM Lunch & Discussions

2.00PM Stella Offner (Yale) - Formation and Evolution of Small N Clusters

2.25PM Kevin Covey (Lowell) - Measuring Stellar Kinematics in the Youngest Clusters with APOGEE

2.50PM Antonio Ordonez (UF) - N-Body Modeling of Star Cluster Formation

3.05PM Jason Ybarra (UF) - Relationship between YSO ratios and extinction in the Rosette Molecular Cloud

3.20PM Coffee Break & Discussions

4.00PM Nicola Da Rio (ESA) - Timing pre-main sequence evolution

4.25PM Steve Eikenberry (UF) - Why do LBVs lie at the edges of star clusters instead of the centers?

4.55PM Discussion

6:30pm Reception at 437 NE 2nd Ave.

Friday 10th & Saturday 11th Feb. 2012 --- Gainesville --- Bryant 217

Friday 10th Feb:

10:00AM Jonathan Tan - welcome and introductions

10.05AM Sven Van Loo (Harvard CfA) - Local simulations of star formation in disk galaxies

10.25AM Ben Wu (UF) - Simulations of Colliding GMCs

10.35AM Mike Butler (UF) - The Structure of Infrared Dark Cloud Cores

10.45AM Jouni Kainulainen (MPIA Heidelberg) - Building high-dynamic range column density data for IRDCs

11.05AM Bo Ma (UF) - Luminosities and Evolutionary States of a Complete Sample of Dense Gas Clumps

11.20AM Takashi Hosokawa (JPL) - Inferring Stellar Age in Young Clusters: reliability, limitations of pre-main-sequence evolutionary models

11.40AM Naibi Marinas (UF) - Star Formation in NGC2264

12.00PM Jason Ybarra (UF) - The progression of star formation in the Rosette Molecular Cloud

12.15PM Lunch & Discussions

2.00PM Sourav Chatterjee (UF) - Planets in Star Clusters

2.20PM Althea Moorhead (UF) - Optimizing the Kepler search algorithm for TTV planets

2.40PM Matt Payne (UF) - The Exotic Scenarios Required to Explain The Formation of Planets in Close Resonances

3.00PM Aaron Boley (UF) - The Parent Body Distribution of Fomalhaut's Ring

3.20PM Knicole Colon (UF) - Characterizing Transiting Exoplanets with Multi-Color Photometry from the GTC

3.35PM Coffee break/Discussion

4.00PM Qizhou Zhang (Harvard CfA) - Massive Star Formation: An Observer's View

4.30PM Yichen Zhang (U. Florida) - RT models of massive star formation and results from SOFIA

4.45PM Peter Barnes (UF) - Latest results from CHaMP and ThrUMMS

5.05PM Discussion

6:00PM Astronomy Dept. Happy Hour - The Swamp; followed by dinner, location TBD

Saturday 11th Feb:

10.00AM Jens Kauffmann (JPL) - The Density Structure of Molecular Clouds

10.30AM Thushara Pillai (Caltech) - Comparison of Extinction and mm emission and Magnetic field Strength in IRDCs: A Case Study

10.50AM Paola Caselli (Leeds) - Water in prestellar cores

11.10AM Joo Bosco Paraiso da Silva (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Recife) - Mechanism of formation of some biological precursors in the interstellar medium

11.30AM Nick Polfer (UF) - Probing photolysis reactions in interstellar dust grains in the laboratory

11.45AM Eduardo Martin (CAB/UCF/UF) - The mass function of the Sigma Orionis cluster from 20 solar masses to 5 Jupiter masses

12.05PM Stan Dermott (UF) - Dynamical evolution of the asteroid belt

12.25PM Lunch

Afternoon for discussions and collaborative work

6:00pm Reception at 437 NE 2nd Ave.

Holiday Inn hotel reservation block (for Thur, Fri, Sat nights, $109/night) here. (If you have problems with the website getting this rate, you can also call the hotel at 352.376.1661 - sales manager is Dan Pokrzywa)

Monday 2nd & Tuesday 3rd May 2011 --- Gainesville --- Reitz Union 282

Florida ALMA Workshop

Friday 4th Feb 2011 --- Gainesville --- Bryant 217

10:00AM Jonathan Tan - welcome and introductions

10:10AM Eric Ford (U. Florida) - Kepler Results & the Architectures of Multiple Planet Systems

10:40AM Althea Moorhead (U. Florida) - The distribution of transit durations and orbital eccentricities for Kepler planet candidates

11:00AM Eliza Kempton (UC Santa Cruz) - Prospects for Detecting Young Terrestrial Planets During Their Collisional Formation

11.30AM Stan Dermott (U. Florida) - Dynamical evolution of belts of planetesimals

12:00PM Lunch

2:00PM Ian Dobbs-Dixon (U. Washington) - Dynamics and Chemical Disequilibrium in Giant Planet Atmospheres

2:30PM Emily Rauscher (Arizona) - The Role of Drag in the Energetics of Strongly-Forced Atmospheres

3:00pm Knicole Colon (U. Florida) - Detection of planetary atmospheres with the GTC

3:20pm Break

3:40pm Michele Montgomery (UCF) - Fluid Flow in Protostellar/Protoplanetary Disk Formation

4:00pm Aaron Boley (U. Florida) - Enrichment Mechanisms for Planets Formed by Disk Instability

4:20pm Yichen Zhang (U. Florida) - Radiative Transfer Models of Massive Protostars

4:40pm Jonathan Tan (U. Florida) - Results from the CHaMP Survey: towards a complete census of dense molecular gas and star formation in the Southern Milky Way

5:00pm Discussion

6:00pm Reception at 437 NE 2nd Ave.

Friday 28th Oct 2010 --- Orlando ---

9:55 AM Michele Montgomery - welcome

10:00 AM Chris Gerardy, FSU, supernova (20 min +5 min)

10:25 AM Hakeem Oluseyi, FIT, (20 min +5 min)

10:50 AM Scott Johnson, FIT, RR Lyrae (10 min + 5 min)

11:05 AM Josh Colwell, UCF, planet formation (15 min + 5 min)

11:25 AM Scott Messenger, NASA, astrochemistry (25 min + 5 min)

noon - 5 min presentations - Astronomy in Florida

11:55 AM FIT - Terry Oswalt

12:00 PM FSU - Chris Gerardy

12:05 PM UF - Jonathan Tan

12:10 PM Embry Riddle - Bob Fleck

12:15 PM FIU - Ted von Hippel

12:20 PM UCF -

12:25 PM - 1:35 pm lunch (1 hour + 10 min travel)

1:35 PM Michele Montgomery

1:35 pm Humberto Campins, UCF - ices and water in asteroids (10 min + 5 min)

2:10 pm Ted von Hippel, FIU, asteroids in white dwarf disks (20 min + 5 min)

2:35 pm Bob Macke, UCF, meteorites (15 min + 5 min)

2:50 pm break

3:05 PM Joe Harrington, UCF, exoplanets (15 min + 5 min)

3:25 PM Eduardo Martin - summary of star formation and IMF (15 min + 5 min)

3:45 PM Jonathan Tan, UF, molecular clouds and star formation (15 min + 5 min)

4:05 PM Paola Caselli - astrochemistry (20 min + 5 min)

4:30 PM Scott Messenger Colloquium

Friday 22nd Jan 2010 --- Gainesville --- Bryant 217

9:45 Welcome & Introductions

10:00 Soko Matsumura (U Maryland) "Tidal Evolution of Exoplanets"

10:20 Michelle Montgomery (UCF) "Earth, Moon, Sun, and Accretion Disks"

10:40 Eduardo Martin (UCF) "New Results on TMR1-C"

11:00 Mario Juric (CfA) "GPUs for Astrophysics"

11:20 Sven van Loo (UF) "Studying the evolution of GMC with numerical simulations"

11:50 Lunch

2:00 Britton Smith (U Colorado) "The Nature of the First Metal-Enriched Stars in the Universe"

2:30 Dan Whalen (CMU) "Chemical Enrichment of the Primeval IGM by the First Supernovae"

3:00 Break

3:30 Eric Ford (UF) "Early Kepler Results"

4:00 Jiwei Xie (UF) "Planetesimals Pile Up in Inclined Binary Systems"

4:15 Aaron Boley (UF) "Planet/brown dwarf formation in the outer disk"

4:45 Jonathan Tan (UF) "Star formation in disk galaxies"

Friday 30th Jan 2009 --- Gainesville --- Bryant 217

UF-UCF Star & Planet Formation Day, Fri, Jan 30th 2009 at UF

10:00-10:05 Welcome (Eric Ford, Jonathan Tan)

10:05-10:35 Sarah Dodson-Robinson (JPL/U Texas): Detecting the CO Ice Line with ALMA

10:35-10:50 Peter Barnes (UF): Extreme Star Formation - Global Collapse of a Possible Massive Protostellar Cluster

10:50-11:00 --Break--

11:00-11:20 Kaitlin Krater (U Toronto): Formation of Distant Giant Planets Around A Stars

11:20-11:50 Ruth Murray-Clay (CfA): Atmospheric Escape from Highly Irradiated Planets

11:50-12:00 --Break--

12:00-12:30 Journal Club (Bryant room 3): Scott Fleming (UF): "Not Just Astro Bycatch: Detached Eclipsing Binaries and the Mass:Radius Relationship" (Mercedes Lopez-Morales, 2007, ApJ, 660, 732)

12:30- 1:50 --Lunch Break--

2:00- 2:30 Andrew Youdin (CITA): The Clumping of Solids in Turbulent Protoplanetary Disks

2:30- 3:00 Joe Harrington (UCF): Photometry and Spectroscopy of Exoplanetary Atmospheres

3:00- 3:10 --Break--

3:10- 3:25 Althea Moorhead (UF): Type II Migration of Planets on Eccentric Orbits

3:25- 3:40 Dimitri Veras (UF): Formation, Survival, and Detectability of Exoplanets Beyond 100 AU

3:40- 4:00 Scott Fleming (UF): MARVELS Target Selection & Spectroscopic Pre-Selection Opportunities

4:00- 4:10 --Break--

4:10- 4:40 Ruth Murray-Clay (CfA): Using Kuiper Belt Resonances to Probe Planetesimals

4:40- 5:00 Naibi Marinas (UF): NIR spectroscopic survey of NGC2264

5:00- 5:10 Michele Montgomery (UCF): Future Meetings

Friday 24th October 2008 --- Daytona --- ERAU

10am Welcome, Bob Fleck (ERAU), Eduardo Martin (UCF)

10.05am Eduardo Martin (UCF/IAC) - A Study of Low-Mass Protostar Prompted by a UCF-UF formation day

10.35am Mike Butler (UF) - Mid-IR Extinction Mapping of Infrared Dark Clouds

11.00am Jian Ge (UF) - MARVELS Status and Early Results

11.30am Alan Boss (CIW) - Disk Instability: Theory vs. Observations

12.00pm Lunch

1.30pm Florian Rodler (IAC) - The Search for Starlight Reflected from Hot Jupiters

2.00pm Michele Montgomery (UCF) - Retrograde Precession in Accretion Disks

2.30pm Nadia Gorlova (UF) - Adding Spectroscopic Dimension to the Study of the Young Embedded Clusters: Serpens Cloud

3.00pm Katia Matcheva (UF) - Clouds and Haze Layers on Jupiter and Saturn

4.00pm Alan Boss (CIW) - The Crowded Universe: The Search for Living Planets

Friday 25th April 2008 --- Gainesville --- Bryant 217

10.00am Herve Bouy (IAC) - A detailed study of a disk around a brown dwarf

10.30am John Bally (Colorado) - The Bolocam 1.1 mm Galactic Plane Survey (BGPS): 10^4 cores in 150 Square Degrees

11.00am Todd Bradley (UCF) - An Overview of Bolocam and GBT Observations of Galactic Plane Dense Cores

11.15am Audra Hernandez (UF) - Comparison of 13CO and Extinction Mass Estimators of Infrared Dark Clouds

11.30am Jonathan Tan (UF) - The Dynamical Ejection of the Becklin-Neugebauer Object

11.45am Jason Ybarra (UF) - Evidence of a Precessing Jet Excavating a Protostellar Envelope

12.00pm Lunch

1.40pm Robert Fleck (ERAU) - A magnetic mechanism for halting inward protoplanet migration: Necessary conditions and angular momentum transfer timescales

1.55pm Suvarath Mahadevan (UF) - Update from UF Planet Search Group

2.15pm Alaina Shelden (UCF) - Improved Instrumentation for EXPERT

2.30pm Rohit Deshpande (UCF) - A search for planets around late-M dwarfs

2.45pm Ramarao Tata (UCF) - Polarization in L dwarfs

3.00pm Nicolas Lodieu (IAC) - UKIDSS discoveries of very low-mass objects in the Upper Sco OB association

3.30pm Coffee break

4.00pm Colloquium - John Bally (Colorado) - Star and Planet Formation in Nearby Regions

5.00pm Reception -> Dinner

Friday 1st February 2008 --- Orlando ---

Meeting schedule

Tuesday 23rd October 2007 --- Gainesville --- Bryant 217

11.00am Jonathan Tan (UF) - Star Cluster Formation

11.30am Audra Hernandez (UF) - Infrared Dark Clouds

12.00pm Paola Caselli (Leeds) - Deuterium Fractionation and the Early Stages of Star Formation

12.30pm Lunch

2.00pm Marcos Huerta (UF) - A New Effective Temperature Scale for T Tauri Stars

2.15pm Ramarao Tata (UCF) - Search for VLM stars and BDs in Upper Sco OB association and in NGC6823 open cluster

2.30pm Rohit Deshpande (UCF) - The Keck/NIRSPEC Search for Giant Exoplanets Around Late M Dwarfs

2.45pm Nadia Gorlova (UF) - NIR Spectroscopy of YSOs in the Serpens Dark Cloud

3.00pm Michele Montgomery (UCF) - How Accretion Disks Can Tilt

3.30pm Coffee break

4.00pm (Colloquium FLG 285) Paola Caselli (Leeds) - Astrochemistry and Star Formation: A Fertile Link

5.00pm General Discussion -> Dinner