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Through the STARS workshop we aim to expose students to the exciting discoveries and advances in our understanding of the Universe that define modern astronomy. The two primary objectives of this workshop are (1) to foster an interest in astronomy and encourage students to consider careers in science, and (2) to provide students with a clear understanding of the scientific process and the skills that are required for scientific research.  Talented middle and high school students that are interested in science are strongly encouraged to apply.



Location, Dates, and Time

March 6th, 2015 is the deadline to apply for this program. The STARS program will be held at The Bryant Space Sciences Building on the University of Florida Campus starting at 8:30am on Tuesday March 24th and will end in the afternoon on Wednesday March 25th.

Lunches will not be provided, so students should either bring lunch or money to buy lunch at one of the on-campus locations (chaperoned). Weather permitting, we will offer an observing night on Tuesday evening at the UF Campus Teaching Observatory for those who would like to participate.


  • Tour UF Astronomy & Physics Departments & Labs
  • Lectures on various fields of Astronomy by UF Faculty
  • 3-D Tour of the Universe & Star Lab Planetarium presentations
  • Night of the 24th - Observing at the Campus Teaching Observatory
  • Various mini-labs including build your own Galileoscope
  • Interactions/Discussions with Astronomy Professors, Graduate & Undergraduate Students





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