Florida Theoretical Astrophysics Seminar
aka. Theory Late Lunch

These weekly lunchtime seminars are usually on Mondays, at 2-2.40pm, alternating in the Astronomy (room 217) and Physics (room 2165) Departments.

Fall 2013
11/18/13, 11.30am Ast. Wanggi Lim
Far-Infrared Extinction Mapping of Infrared Dark Clouds

Spring 2014
Date/Location Speaker Title/Abstract
3/13/14, 2pm Ast. Blakesley Burkhart
New Diagnostics of MHD Turbulence in the Multiphase ISM
3/17/14, 2pm Ast. Matthew Goodson
Chemical Enrichment of the Early Solar System
3/20/14, 2pm Ast. Eric Pantin
The VISIR VLT mid-IR instrument and high angular resolution observations of protoplanetary discs
4/3/14, 2pm Ast. Adam Ginsburg
The formation of young massive clusters and a case study in W51
4/16/14, 2pm Ast. Suzanne Shaske
Star Formation In Disk Galaxies - From Kiloparsec To Giant Molecular Cloud Scales

Fall 2014
10/14/14, 10am Ast. Neil Thomas
Fundamental Planet Formation Factors and the MARVELS Survey
10/29/14, 2pm Ast. Shuo Kong
Initial Conditions of Massive Star Formation

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For more information contact Jonathan Tan: jt @ astro.ufl.edu