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Undergraduate Research at University of Florida

UF students carry out research in a wide range of fields under the supervision of UF faculty members.  In recent years, students have analyzed data from the Hubble Space Telescope, discovered exoplanets using ground based surveys, performed theoretical calculations with world-leading supercomputers, and much more.  Participating in research is an important opportunity offered to UF students that enriches their education beyond the classroom and generates skillsets that aid students in finding successful careers beyond UF.

Summer Research Opportunities at University of Florida

The University of Florida Astronomy Department is host to an NSF funded REU program focused in Computational Astrophysics.  REU students are fully immersed in our department’s research environment by carrying out a research project with a supervising faculty member, attending weekly talks and seminars, and by presenting their own results.  For more information, including information about how to apply, please email

Additionally, UF students are eligible and encouraged to apply for the CLAS Scholars program.

Summer Research Opportunities beyond the University of Florida

The Astronomy Department strongly encourages our undergraduate majors to engage in research outside of the University.  Below is a list of opportunities that students may choose to consider:

Curated lists:

Other opportunities: